10 bucks to see CM Punk Live?

Admittedly I’m not much of a scalper for but I thought I would check the secondary sites (ie stubhub) and see All Out is still over 200 a ticket but it’s less than 10 bucks to get into Rampage next week.

Did I miss something? Why so cheap? Is It because they didn’t formally announce Punk?

My guess is some scalpers are getting cold feet, and trying to turn them for whatever profit they can.

Yeah, I don’t understand the whole scalper thing and how they’re determined.

For instance I don’t season tickets to the leafs and raptors. Although we go to a lot of games needless to say there’s some games that we can’t either go to or have friends go to so we end up selling them which is actually something they encourage us to do. I’m not a scalper by any means, but I guess if you’re using traditional metrics he would label me and virtually every other season ticket holder as a scalper.

Maybe it’s different for an event like this Because it’s not like you have season tickets but for all of us at the Air Canada Centre I get tickets anyway to the concerts and if I’m not going to go I will sell them although I’m not scalping it’s just part of the deal.

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