2018 G1 Contest Results Updates


Would be amazing, had Suzuki high too but after changing 3-or-4 times before submiting I ended up with EVIL as my block A winner


Good morning, everyone. I have updated the contest standings in the main post with the first report. Obviously, this report contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched the matches before the date on the report and don’t want to know the finishes don’t read the report yet.

Take care and enjoy the G1!


That Jay White is so hot right now


Where can we find the main post. Its hard to locate on my phone.



How do I find what picks I made?


Since a bunch of you have asked, I have updated the top post with a file that has everyone’s picks in it. It’s a big file (over 750 pages) that has one page for each person who entered and allowed for the sharing if your name.

If you want to follow along, do a search for the name you entered on your contest form. You can then print out that page and follow along with your picks.


this is awesome. thanks! I shall enjoy my position in the top group for what will probably be the only time haha


Man, it takes a special kind of talent to be one of only about 30 of the 773 to go 0 for 5 in the first night, but here I am. Guess I should stick to fantasy baseball…


Can you double check mine. It says I have iishi winning b-block, but ibushi winning tournament. I thought they both should be ibushi . Thanks
Anthony Ray


Your recorded response for the B-Block winner is Tomohiro Ishii.


Standings updated. New report for today’s matches uploaded above.


You have 2 chances in BlockB - nice hedge!


interesting that after opening night for each block there is nobody in the contest that is perfect - if I read it cotrectly. @chris is anyone that didn’t give permission to list their name perfect?


No. After night 1, nobody had perfect predictions.


Results & scores are updated for 16-Jul-2018 (Day 3).


why do the poins keep changing? yesterday you had my wife Lindsay Applegath at 6 points and today she’s at 3? just wondering why it changed thanks


Could have been a mistake maybe. Your wife should only have 3 points, looking at her picks. She has a nice final though. I’m starting to think that is what the final will be.


yeah just didn’t understand the points system cause it changed from yesterday to today that’s all


after going back and looking out points are right most of been looking at it wrong sorry lol can be a dumbass sometimes


Thanks! :slight_smile: