2019 'Main Roster Debuts'


Between ROH, Impact, MLW and AEW apparently trying to be exclusive…the indies are going to he a wasteland again and all the money people were supposedly making might drop…I wouldn’t want to be released now.

AEW could inadvertently burst the bubble…but that’s just speculation…can’t know until time passes.



Why is Nikki on Raw at all? She’s the simplest of them all! Just have her come up and wreck havoc with Sanity in the Tag division for awhile while the women’s main event scene focuses on Auska, Charlotte and Becky. Then after wrestlemania have her feud with one of them.

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So Nikki Cross should be with the guys we’ve literally seen 3 times the past 6 months?



If they want to keep all their talents (whilst still recruiting), keep them happy, could they add a third show like Raw and smackdown ? Maybe it’s not doable for whatever reason but could we have something like:

Monday Raw 2 hours
Tuesday The new show 2 hours
Wednesday NXT 1 hour
Friday Smackdown on Fox 2 hours

That way you take out 205 live and redistribute the talents and Raw is 1 hour shorter.



What i would love to see is the return of c level show either on syndication or on a smaller network.

They already have main event but they use it more as a highlight show now instead of a full wrestling show.

Have main event be the home for the lower card guys on raw and bring back superstars for the lower card guys on smackdown. You could bring back the jobber matches for theses guys as well so that they look better when they cross over to raw or smackdown.

As far as the call ups are concern. It was a bad idea right off the bat to call up new guys during mania anymore as they tend to get lost in the shuffle. When even HHH is saying that these 4 were call up because they didn’t need them in NXT, it doesn’t make them feel important.



For the Tuesday show, where is this going to air on and where will it be shot? Is it going to be shot 2 hours before Raw, SD or what? No way it can be live on Tuesday unless they film it in the PC.

What exactly is the plan?



The weird thing about the recent call up it’S that they pretty much didn’t hide that they were just dumping them on the main roster because they didn’t need them in NXT and it happens a lot with Call ups in the last few years. If they don’t need them, they pretty much just dump them on the main roster and let them figure out something for those guys which lead to whoever is been call up looking like a complete afterthought because since they weren’t important in NXT why should we do something with them.

Anyway, i think it’S time for NXT to become a third brand on the level of Raw and Smackdown. Move it out of full sail and into a small arena that could sit around 5 to 10 thousand fans. Having different fans every months will give it a even bigger feel that they have right now. Still tape the show and keep it one hour like it is right but when the fox deal start in october take the show off the network and put it on FS1 or another fox affiliate with the option of being able to put the replays on the network on the weekends, that way you still get your audience that watch it on the network but you grow your fan base by having the show on regular cable as well.

Finally, give the option of sending some of the current main roster wrestlers back to NXT. Freshening things up on all three brand would help everybody in the long run and would give some opportunities to some wrestlers that have been paid to pretty much do nothing outside of live events and occasional ppv and tv battle royal.



No way NXT can consistently draw 5-10 thousand every week on the road for tapings. They would have to tape before before or after Raw or SD in front of dead crowds to get crowds that big for a taping. It would essentially become like 205 or WWECW. Even with cable exposure it’s never going to be a draw like that. SD has a hard enough time drawing 5-10 thousand fans. It’s fine being filmed at full sail. I don’t understand this want for NXT to become this giant brand. It should just the minor leagues to get you prepared for the major roster. No one should have to spend more time there than that’s needed.




EC3 - His character is now a jacked-up mute, and is in the process of going 50-50 with someone leaving the company. He has not spoken in one month.

Nikki Cross: Turned heel last week to team with Alicia Fox, and then turned face this week to face Ruby Riott. She had zero reaction. Also, hasn’t done much.

Lacey Evans: Hasn’t been seen or mentioned in weeks.

Otis: No longer has a last name. Somewhat over because he does goofy things.

Tucker: Also lost a last name. The other guy in a low-card comedy tag team, of which WWE has about a dozen of.

Lars: No follow-up or explanation. Has not appeared on TV.


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i would add something to your update.

Lacey Evans: jobbing on main event.

I writting this because i watch main event last friday and she was wrestling natalya on that show and she lost. So i don’t think they have any plans for her at all

As for Lars sullivan: i feel it’s more because of the panic attack situation and them letting him deal with it. When he able to comeback and has the situation under control, they will probably push him to the moon.



Future update

Cole, Ciampa, and Gargano - barely on the show or jobbing when Vince sees them for the first time and they are the same size as Sasha Banks.




Lacey Evans is the only talent to make the B Show PPV Elimination Chamber. She comes out, walks up and down the ramp, doesnt say anything and leaves.

WWE then decides to call up four (!) more NXT talents, for no apparent reason, the next night on RAW.

EC3 and Nikki Cross don’t appear on the show. Heavy Machinery and Lacey Evans walk up and down the ramp.




i think that this pretty much means that EC3, nikki cross, heavy machinery and lacey evans will probably be full time on smackdown maybe as soon as this week.

I’ve read that WWE as big plans for Lacey going which i think maybe she will be the one to challenge Asuka for the smackdown title at mania. As for heavy machinery, their role are to be the comedy team similar to what the bushwackers where in the 80’S. And EC3, my god at this point, he must be regretting leaving Impact wrestling as he’s been a afterthought since he sign with WWE, first on NXT where they pretty much did nothing with him and then in WWE where they are wasting is talent even more. The guy is a really talented performer and could be somebody at a level like the miz but because it’S another company’S creation, they just don’t want to push him which is just sad.

Completly forgot about nikki as i feel she will just join Sanity in obscurity as character like her seem to be very difficult to book with the creative team.



UPDATE: EC3, Otis, Tucker and Nikki Cross all appear in the battle royal spot at Mania. All four get eliminated relatively early.

Lacey Evans walks out at Mania, still has not had an official match in almost three months.

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I think we will see kairi sane tonight or tomorrow and lars Sullivan is ready so I’ve heard.



Has there ever been a character as redundant for as long as Lacey Evans has? She appears on TV consistently, but there’s been literally 0 character progression.

I almost feel like she should come out on Smackdown this week and do her normal classy woman entrance only to get viciously attacked out of no where by Asuka during it. The pop Asuka would get might be huge.



Do you remember Emmalina ?



I know they aren’t superstars but I heard we’d see new Tag Titles debut, and we didn’t.

That is what I want to see a return to a more traditional wrestling belts.



There might be 0 progression, but she’s still a hell of a lot more important than most of the others that came up with her.



shes a free agent!