2019 New Japan Cup discussion thread


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March Madness!

Thanks @wai0937


Was going to announce it on tomorrow’s Cafe Hangout but thought I’d release it here first. An exclusive for the people in this thread!


Thanks Wai

Now to figure out the perfect bracket.


Zion is winning the March Madness and going to be going for a Championship at MSG!!

If you get this, I’m glad! If not, it makes a lot of sense!


Has entries for the POST Wrestling - New Japan Cup 2019 tournament been closed??


Chase Owens vs Juice was great, didn’t care much for the first two matches


Can’t see many who picked Chase Owens. I think that was a stupid decision. Did that match really go for 24 minutes? And Taichi/Honma for 17? Those feel way too long.


I just realized that I put IWGP Heavyweight as my prediction name when it should’ve actually been my real name or username.

4/4 so far. I went to ‘storyline’ route

Last time I went storyline route, ZSJ won and my picks will throw in the trash compactor.

That Ishii Nagata match though, I knew it was gonna be good but it far exceeded my expectations.

Let’s go Ishii, everybody gonna get BIT


Owens/Juice for the US Title at MSG??


Just finished Night 1… I knew Ishii vs Nagata was gonna be awesome but HOLY SHETTTTT!! Didn’t expect to be such a violent ruckus. Just badass.


Couple of interesting 2nd round matches with Ishii VS Tachi and Okada VS Nicholls.

Will we see any major upsets in this cup?


Scrolled right to the bottom because I’ve been away and haven’t seen any matches. Starting now but let me just say my dislike of Yoshi Hashi grows with every 2001 Too Cool haircut image


They gave me Yoshi Hashi and Taichi I’m back to back matches to start the tournament. Sick joke New Japan


So I did decently with my picks, it’s just two of my misses were really bad with Chase Owens and Toru Yano winning. I also picked Toa Henare over Lance Archer, but I didn’t predict Toa would go far, and same goes with Archer. With Owens and Yano though, I had their opponents go through to round 3.


For those of you keeping track of the scoring in the New Japan Cup Bracket contest you can check out the standings now that round 1 is complete here:


We have 300 participants in total and, impressively, 187 people picking 12 or more matches correctly. Impressively, one person picked all 16 matches correctly in round 1.


Thanks. Now that I read this, I forgot I had Juice go to the 4th round, haha. Damn you Chase Owens!


…also, I should mention that there was some weirdness going on with the prediction scoring over the weekend but it seems to all be fixed now. From Friday to Sunday the scores weren’t updating when I put in the winners. I opened a support ticket and when I checked in this morning everything looked correct and when I updated scores as I watched the matches this morning they updated right away so all appears to be well.


Juice losing is my only hard blemish. Had him winning two matches. Other than that my other 3 losses were all to be eliminated in round 2. Have Yano going to round 3 cuz he always seems to sneak through a lot so let’s see how that goes


Osprey finding new and awesome ways to hit his moves on bigger guys. And his bouncing off them. Has open an entire new style of match for an already versatile and capable performer. His ascend to heavyweight has been magnificent both in ring and in story.


Never been a fan of Lance Archer, but Ospreay had a really fun match with him. Ospreay did such a phenomenal job that I hope NJPW is willing to put him more in the top mix (with Ibushi, Tanahashi, Okada, and Naito.)