2019 New Japan Cup discussion thread


I understanding strapping the rocket to Jay White as the Omega-replacement but the guy I expect to have the best bouts now is Osprey


Juice and Nakanishi being eliminated ruined some of my bracket, but I’ve got every other pick correct so far (where applicable) so I’m still in the first half of the leader board.

My bracket ends in Okada beating Suzuki in the finals. I don’t think they’re going to rush the big Ibushi push just yet so I’ve got him losing to Suzuki in the semis.


Would they run back Ibushi and Osprey at the Garden. I think we’re getting Chase vs Juice which I’m not in love with but Chase has seemed to turn a new page post Elite departure


Wow! Phenomenal match between Ibushi and ZSJ, There goes my bracket with Kota


I have a new top match of the year and it was today’s main with Sabre Jr and Ibushi

That was an incredible pure and fierce wrestling match


Well, there goes my bracket. Welp Welp…


When it comes to the undercard and getting Chase Owens over as a respectable opponent for Juice, NJPW does a great job of forcing you to take them seriously like Taichi with Naito last month.


Ibushi Eyes the IC Title


Not every match is going to be Okada/Omega. That Cabana/Yano match was fun


Agree! Was looking forward to and enjoyed that match. I don’t understand why they keep beating Suzuki. He’s as over as anyone in the states and is a big drawing card for them here yet they keep beating him in every relevant spot. I can promise you MSG will be ready to Kaze Ni Nare


I don’t get the love for Sanada. I think he’s massively overrated. Suzuki definitely should have gone over.


I agree. Sanada is fine and jumps high. That’s about all I see.


Liked him better before he grew that disgusting beard.