2020 WWE Draft night one picks

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Round One

  1. RAW drafts WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

    2. SmackDown drafts WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

    3. RAW drafts RAW Women’s Champion Asuka

    4. SmackDown drafts Seth Rollins

    5. RAW drafts The Hurt Business (WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)

Round Two
RAW drafts AJ Styles
7. SMACKDOWN drafts Sasha Banks
8. RAW drafts Naomi
9. SMACKDOWN drafts Bianca Belair
10. RAW drafts Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Round Three
7. RAW drafts Ricochet
8. SmackDown drafts Jey Uso
9. RAW drafts Mandy Rose
10. SmackDown drafts Rey & Dominik Mysterio
11. RAW drafts The Miz & John Morrison

Round Four
12. RAW drafts Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (SmackDown tag champions)
13. SMACKDOWN drafts Big E.
14. RAW drafts Dana Brooke
15. SMACKDOWN drafts Otis
16. RAW drafts Angel Garza


I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate the work you have done, especially when it comes to the Draft.

Thanks AD!

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I appreciate that my man. Much love to you


Unanswerable questions:

  • Why did RAW waste two picks on people that had just been signed as free agents (Rose and Brooke)? And if you’re going to draft them, why not do it as a team?

  • Why would RAW choose the Smackdown tag champs when they have their own tag champs? Why not include Big E with them? How was the Hurt Business allowed to be drafted as a foursome but New Day couldn’t be a trio?

  • Why were Rey and Dominik considered a tag team?

  • Why wouldn’t Smackdown draft both Uso’s and Heavy Machinery as a team?

It’s just so painfully obvious that no one involved in this whole thing has ever watched a real sports draft


The answer to the first question is easy. Everyone was up for grabs. They basically started with empty rosters. I think…

The question of why they moved people over for no reason just before the draft is a bigger question.

The Big E one has me stumped. Are we supposed to believe Fox only wanted E? Did USA only want Kofi and Woods? Was there draft picks traded or signing rights for free agents given as a result? Did WWE just rewrite the rules without telling anyone?

This is so wrong. So so wrong.

Will there be wildcard rules that contradict eachother?

Well I guess from a storyline perspective, Fox had no choice as Kofi and Xavier were not available. Now, why the hell would USA not pick all three members? No reason to explain that one.

Apparently on Talking Smack when Sami Zayn brought up the SmackDown tag champs being drafted to RAW and wondering how that would work, Big E responded with: “How long have you worked here, and you’re trying to use logic?”


I had no problem with them breaking up New Day, I’ve thought Big E has longggg been overdue for a singles run, but this way was useless.

There’s no heat on anyone for turning heel or on a GM or a wrestler for breaking them up. The heat goes on the company for being too stupid to book a logical draft

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At least have E say he needs to do this on his own or something to help his build.

It would even make more sense if you had a heel authority figure draft just Big E as a “FU” to the group (based on a previous feud). But when the narrative is that these picks are being done by USA and FOX via Steph, it makes zero sense

Well, FOX is the heel network to most people.

Well, for those complaining about the current draft picks, just keep in mind that they’re not necessarily permanent.

If the booking feels that a draft pick is a mistake, there’s nothing to stop them to undo that draft pick; just look at Batista’s Raw draft in the 2010-ish; he went back to Smackdown. And of course, we also witnessed John Cena being drafted to Smackdown and then back to Raw in the same night.

So, it’s what I believe they call “smoke and mirrors.” A draft is a ratings ploy.

Ahhh, the old “what was the point of that?” trick. Works every time I tell ya.

Well…at least to 51% of people lol.

Ratings ploy that didn’t really work. They gained 23,000 viewers. The draft really isn’t a difference maker anymore because they don’t know how it make anything matter

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