2021 Federal Election

Well…Monday is the election and Im pretty sure we have quite a few Canadians on here. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

It is very tight right now, Liberal’s are up 31.6% to 31.1%.


Personally I’m voting Liberal. My biggest fear though is that with NDP picking up some steam, they will split the vote on the left and allow the Conservatives to get in.

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I voted early and voted NDP, I considered liberal but I agree more with NDP, my big concern is how much PPC I see around here snd they seem like……definitely not my kind of party lol


I am surprised by that as well. I live in Windsor which is an NDP hot bed (Singh literally grew up here, I knew him when we were kids), and despite that I am seeing a lot of the PPC signs. I can’t ever remember seeing so many, I have to imagine its a bi-product of the political shit show that has been the US the last 4 years.

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Yeah everything I’ve seen that they stand for, I’m very against lol definitely seem Trump-esque to me. I’m on London Ontario, I didn’t realize it was such a close race though!

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Ya its an odd situation. If you’re looking at the long term success for the NDP party, you should 100% vote NDP. If your main goal right now is to keep the conservatives from holding the PM spot, then by voting NDP you are helping the Conservatives.

Shouldn’t be this way, but its the reality of the situation.

It will be close between PC and Liberals. Maybe a minority government. I don’t really like any of the leaders so will be a tough choice


I was thinking about it, and I guess if you want to find a silver lining with this awful party being in existence is that if anything the PPC party is likely pulling from the Conservatives which IMO is a good thing. They wont likely win any seats, but they may be the difference makers for the Liberals in tight ridings.

Does the bad outweigh any good? Yes. I wish they didnt exist, they bring Trump like rhetoric over to Canada which I can’t stand, but again Im trying to find a silver lining.


Well, it looks like this election pretty much changed nothing (Liberals are currently projected to gain 1 seat) as the Liberals didnt get a majority. Not a bad thing in the sense that I did not want the conservatives getting in, but it does feel like a waste of money and a waste of time.