2023 Best matches every week

Do you watch on Wrestle Universe?

I do!! I even watched these on a work laptop as I’ve been sent away for work, it worked really well on the laptop but works just as well through the fire stick on my home tv

Will Ospreay vs. Tetsuya Naito this morning (8/12) was an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!


A little N1, looks like it takes a break so until next weekend night 4 had a lot too love, Kitamya and Inamura was very good, but Nakajima vs Inaba was great, Kenoh vs Yoshioka was a fantastic banger, and I absolutely adored Wagner Jr Jr vs Shiozaki! Highly recommend

Speedball vs Kushida from Impact was my match of the week. Great limb selling, pace and a ton of fun.

Just edges out the Trios main event from Collison IMO


The G1 Final - Okada vs Naito was fantastic.


Sunday August 6th - Saturday August 12th

A bit late this week. Also not the strongest week of TV either from AEW or WWE which is mostly what I watch. I’m glad to see some others highlighting matches from other promotions though.

  • House of Black vs CMFTR trios titles match on Collision
  • Gable vs Ricochet vs Ciampa vs Riddle #1 contenders match on Raw

Agreed, this was a very good under the radar match.

Sunday August 13th - Saturday August 19th

A pretty decent week of WWE tv I thought.

  • Edge vs Sheamus - 8/18 Smackdown. Possibly Edge’s last match.
  • Cody Rhodes vs Finn Balor - 8/14 Raw.

And from AEW:

  • Darby Allin vs Christian Cage - 8/19 Collision
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I really enjoyed Edge vs Sheamus on Smackdown.

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Yeah, Edge vs Sheamus for me. Not a great week for in-ring work for AEW.

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I’ll throw in Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Kevin Knight at the All Star Jr. Festival on Saturday.

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Sunday August 20th - Saturday August 26th

Last week was a rough week for the professional wrestling world.

In the same category of Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe there was a really good/sad/emotional match on Smackdown.

  • Finn Balor vs LA Knight - 8/25 Smackdown

And on Dynamite my favorite AEW match of the week:

  • Darby & Nick Wayne vs Swerve & AR Fox

Can pretty much also add the whole card from yesterday!

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Speedball/Angels from the Emergence pre-show was dope. Being the same day as All In doesn’t help but Impact does thrive in silence.

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FTR vs the Bucks from All In is my pick. But really there’s probably about five or six matches from that show that could be picked.

I went Jericho vs Osprey. FTR and Bucks was good but I’ve seen better from both. Not sure I’ve seen a better Jericho match this run

Liked the match but felt like Osprey completely carried Jericho.

Sunday August 27th - Saturday September 2nd

Obviously All In dominates for the best matches of the week.

  • MJF vs Adam Cole - All In 8/27
  • Jericho vs Osprey - All In 8/27
  • Darby/Sting vs Swerve/Christian - All In 8/27
  • Young Bucks vs FTR - All In 8/27

And since it happened in September Payback is worth a shoutout because the Trish/Becky Cage match, tag team match and Rollins vs Nakamura were all good.

But looking back now on August All In was definitely the best show.

January - Elite vs Death Triangle on Jan 11 Dynamite (hon. mention Mox vs Hangman 2)
February - Roman vs Sami at EC23 (hon. mention Mox vs Hangman 3)
March - MJF vs Danielson at Revolution (hon. mention Elite vs HoB vs JAS trios match)
April - Uso’s vs KO & Sami at WM39 (hon. mention to Rhea vs Charlotte & Cody vs Roman)
May - Moxley vs Omega in Steel Cage 5/10 Dynamite (hon. mention Roman & Solo vs SZ & KO)
June - Omega vs Osprey at Forbidden Door (hon. mention MJF vs Cole)
July - MJF & Cole vs FTR 7/29 Collision (hon. mention Uso’s vs Roman & Solo)
August - MJF vs Adam Cole 8/27 All In (hon. Mention Jericho vs Osprey, Darby/Sting vs Swerve/Christian)

A few matches from All Out will overshadow this, but there are weeks (possibly months) where Gunther/Gable would be considered the best match by a landslide.