24/7 Fire Pro Wrestling World Twitch Betting Stream Ft. WWE/WCW

Been working on this for the past few weeks - hope a few of you may enjoy this.

Basically its an automated stream creating matches themed from specific pay per views from WCW or WWE/WWF. Tag teams and valets/managers are automatically paired and they try to make matches in a more logical sense(although not always heel vs face).

Outside of that, even extra programmed things exist such as Win/Loss records for every single contender and tag team.

Its fairly early but its setup similar to watching a TV program. Hope someone out there may enjoy it.

Oh, you bet also but its just for fun(stream points).

Important Commands
!bet [red/blue] [amount]

Also - I’m seeking advice on how best to setup matches. I’m using the ModPack 2.0 and I feel a few problems -

One, wrestlers don’t sell really. At 40 minutes, they take a hit and just get back up… Or worse, their opponents constantly pull up someone rather than pin. Is it something I can change in the settings or is it just the way the AI works in the game?

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I’ll check this out

I was obsessed with this game as a kid when I got it for the Sega Saturn.

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The Sega Saturn doesn’t get enough love! I don’t know anyone else that owned one. It seemed like a big flop here in the US and lost the console wars to the PlayStation and N64.

But I had one and loved it.

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I wouldn’t know

Fire Pro was my only game. :joy:

I also owned a PlayStation just for the New Japan and AJPW game. I was a sicko.

What! You had a Sega Saturn and a PlayStation? Were you or your parents made of money? The Saturn is infamous for being one of the most expensive systems ever with a price of $400 in 1995. And the PlayStation was $300 too.

I’ll check this out soon. I like Fire Pro alot and really enjoy watching streams. I got started with Fire Pro Returns when it was released on PS3. I had to buy a laptop in 2013 to download all the different saves I probably have 20 saves on PS3. I enjoy Fire Pro World as well. The money I saved not buying WWE 2K20 I used towards FPW DLC.

I didn’t have either in 95. Must have been a couple of years later. Bought them both used, so it wasn’t bad.

I remember needing some kind of add on for the PS to play the import games. I think I had to mail order something for the Saturn too.

I wish I remember where I bought fire Pro. It was a semi famous game store online that had imports.