25th Feb Raw live discussion thread

Raw in Atlanta Roman Reigns makes an important announcement to open the show tonight.

Ric flair’s 70th birthday celebration. (Lots of big names set to make an appearance) maybe a big angle involving Dave Batista.

Expecting a great episode tonight.

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Gahhhhhh damn!!! That POP tho!


Proud of the WWE Universe for welcoming Roman back the way he deserves. We may hate his creative and his booking and his act, but he busts his ass for everyone and I’m glad to see him get love back

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Fantastic ovation love & warmth shown by the crowd in attendance very classy. It’s the worst thing whenever anyone has the one thing they love doing get taken away from them, glad things are looking a lot more positive for the guy.

Let me get this straight. They asked for their release, were told to stick around and see how things are going. Then in a near main event spot they win the titles. Then in consecutive weeks they lose to NXT guys. Congrats on being the tag champs I guess.

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Soooo is that new Roman Reigns’ leukemia shirt part of a charity? Or is WWE just milking a man’s battle with cancer for profit? I don’t really care which it is. I just want them to be honest about it.

I was thinking the same thing. I had an email from WWE about it before his segment was over. No mention of charity. Felt a little tacky considering the shirt is a pretty obvious reference to his fight with leukemia.

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Yeah, I got the e-mail and since I don’t watch live, I wasn’t sure if it was something said on tv. There is nothing on the store page about a charity so it came across pretty tasteless imo.

Once again that angle between Ronda and Becky proves to me there is no need whatsoever for charlotte to be in this match at mania.

And just like that, I’m tired of Roman Reigns.

And finally one miserable dude.

10 min to do the Flair segment. Let’s see if they go into over run

Always great to see sting!

Well, that was weird.

Well I guess the build for a triple h - Batista mania match has begun not sure how many fans are clambering for that match tbh have to wait and see.


Great live raw tonight. crowd was pretty pumped the whole night. roman had the biggest pop. wwe kept crowd engaged pretty much all night. a few dead spots. mostly sold out. crowd was really let down by flair not appearing live, but nice reaction to batista’s shock return.