300 people called the police on MJF?

For the love of god - people are this stupid to think he admitted to a real crime on national television ? Another reason wrestling fans get labelled with the “stupid” tag.

Please people - stop giving us all a bad name and use your brain sometimes.

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Hahaha! I didn’t know this happened. It’s scripted TV. That’s like calling the police about Dexter committing a murder. Ridiculous.

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I initially didn’t care for the promo but the fact that it got people to call the police proves the greatness of MJF lol

But as always, it is based on something that actually happened in his life but no crime.

Or the stupidity of the audience. Probably a bit of both


When MJF is a babyface in a year or so, it’s going to be weird to cheer a guy who did this and bragged about it. Not quite Sgt. Slaughter turning back face immediately after a year of being an Iraqi sympathizer, but up there…

Statute of limitations probably passed.