5/29/2020 Smackdown Live Discussion - WTF?

I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate WWE having the audacity of making an angle out of someone’s real-life addictions. Maybe I should reserve judgment until the angle plays out, but this is just absolutely tasteless.


That’s what they decided to run on a taped show on May 29th with everything that’s going on in the world.

Really tasteless, even for them.

A drowning spot after a well publicised death of an ex-wrestler by drowning wasn’t tasteless or tone deaf but apparently a DUI angle is too much… I wonder how some people are able to get through watching TV shows.

I’ve even seen some people suggest that with the whole discussion over police brutality cropping up again, WWE shouldn’t have done this… this angle wasn’t even about police brutality or racism but whatever, people will reach as far as possible before deciding if them being offended makes any sense.

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All I can say is that the drowning spot didn’t occur to me in that moment in part because of all the mayhem around the match and that spot itself got lost in the mix. And I guess it never felt like Matt was drowning, someone was shoving his head in the water until he changed gimmick. But Jeff was involved in how many public moments of public intoxication, including DUI’s just in the last year? The whole main story tonight called that all into a glaring spotlight

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would only see it as classless if he was intoxicated in storyline. It seemed pretty obvious to me from the beginning that he was being set up and that this point that seems all but confirmed. To me, that’s the difference between this and something like Hawk or Scott Hall from 20+ years ago because they were actually being portrayed as intoxicated.

Yes it did intentionally bring it into the spotlight but I’m in favour of more wrestlers using their real life, blurring the lines, and bringing it into wrestling. If it was a comedy spot where they did it and it was supposed to be funny then I could understand people saying they’re making a joke of it but this is their attempt at doing it seriously and so far it’s good.

I get people have different lines though, some people are super offended by the Drake Maverick storyline (even though it’s good for him, the tournament and gets viewers are more invested). I guess people don’t want to actually invest in storylines too much… just want it to be like pantomime.

I’m all for blending reality into storytelling with wrestling. I think when a performer can tap into something real it can definitely help bring energy into the performance, but this is absolutely the most awkward and clunky way I can imagine having someone face their demons. The fact that it’s so obviously a set up makes it grosser to me. The dude has an actual problem that he’s tried to overcome numerous times and I sympathize with that, which is why it felt so weird turning on Fox just to have a giant reminder of the last major public fuck up in Jeff’s life being used to set up another match between him and Seamus

Haven’t watched SD in weeks, but read it was a decent show, so decided to chime in.

This was an initial WTF moment for me, indeed, especially for the start of the show, but you know what? It wasn’t bad and it didn’t felt phoney (for a WWE produced segment). And you know what? It was different. It was a change of pace. I even liked the following “wrestlers bickering” segment. I hope they can follow this up, though knowing their track record I don’t have my hopes up.

There was no “police brutality”, Jeff is not a black person, so you can’t tie this to what is happening after the George Floyd sadistic murder. Just a guy with known issues agreed to do an angle on said issues.

If something, I’ve found the New Day segment with Bliss and Nikky way more offensive.

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The whole angle was just poorly scripted and acted, like everything in WWE.

And made even stupider and a waste of time by the fact that Hardy came back later that night. The guy gets arrested for drunk driving and injuring someone and is released an hour later? So fucking stupid.

Just a desperate attempt by a company with zero logical creative direction

I’m not defending them, but you guys sound like you were born yesterday! WWE has done crap like that since forever. It’s “shock value,” they say, or “Get the F out of the WWF,” whatever.

Cases in point, my favourite WWE distasteful bullshit:

  • Paul Wight’s dead father angle; one of my friends hated it, boycotted it, and eventually stopped watching. That being said, I did commend Bossman’s “performance” to this crap. I don’t think it’s all right, I think I should give the performers who were forced into this bullshit.
  • Eddie Guerrero’s dumbfuckery child custody angle with Rey Misterio (remember Dominic?)
  • Shawn Michaels yanking off Mad Dog Vachon’s false leg at IYH (“Good Friends, Better Enemies” and beating Diesel

The reality is, this kind of stuff happens all the time. Many things are distasteful. Back in 2003 when SARS came, I remember boarding a bus (now, I am a Chinese) and someone told her friend to be re-seated and I heard “SARS” remotely.

And WWE is not the only one doing bullshit angles. Remember Scott Hall and his alcohol gimmick?

See, I’m not trying to downplay your comments. Nothing like this should be recorded and put on TV. I’m just saying, if you’re easily offended, just stop watching. My friend did, and he stopped. Of course, I stayed, and that’s because I still have a glimmer of enjoyment for the angles that aren’t bullshit.

Peace, through superior firepower. Signing off.

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I hate the WWE.

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I finally threw in the towel on main roster WWE last week. Sounds like good timing.

WTF was wrong with that? As a kid watching I laughed my ass out, Vachon had a big grin on his face too. WTF is wrong with you people?

I understand WWE and wrestling as a whole has a long history with using shocking or distasteful stories, however you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to continue that sort of shitty behavior. DX wore blackface to the ring 20 years ago, and you sure as hell won’t see them try shit like that anymore, because shit that was trashy back then looks even worse with hindsight. I have no problems if the story was “Jeff had to battle his demons to get to the top” but they didn’t make that they story. The story is someone framed Jeff for a crime which he has a real life history with. And this is a very petty note, but to whoever said that them discovering the scene of the accident felt “real” but that’s the most ludicrous thing I ever heard. WWE can only do the most over produced version of things

I’m not excusing them for anything! I actually hope that they learn their lessons and not do shit like this ever again, but that’s too naive to do.

I’m just saying, if you want to bow out and watch your AEW, Impact Wrestling, Japanese content, or anything that has anything to do with actual wrestling, do it now. Don’t just say “I’m going to switch this time,” just cut the foreplay and do it!

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