5 hour Raw

What the hell are they gonna do for 5 hours?

Lol I’m so sorry John and wai. Im pumped for a super long podcast but this is just not going to be fun for you guys. Thanks for doing what you do.

I’m fairly confident that this doesn’t mean there will be a five hour broadcast of RAW, just that between dark matches, and press events and various other guff there will be five hours of an event. I would be very surprised if there was five hours of televised RAW - especially considering they haven’t advertised that fact at all.

Meltzer said the rumour was false…resume to being would be writers with hindsight on your side.

aren’t there multiple shows going on that night? Could it be the combo of those shows?

Yeah, I’d say it’s a combo of dark matches and a Main Event taping. I went to a 3 hour RAW back in 2012 (so far my only WWE taping) and it was a fucking slog due to the dark matches and Superstars taping beforehand.

WWE confirmed to me it was a typo.


Haven’t seen it reported anywhere but according to my Tivo, a one-hour 25 Years of RAW retrospective is scheduled to air on Tuesday January 16th immediately following Smackdown on USA Network.