6 calls ups from NXT

Pete Dunne, no sir
Undisputed Era, no,no,no,no
Dream,not today
Gargano, no way jose
Ciampa, non
Black ,oh behave
Ok lets shake things up give you what you want
Drum roll…

Heavy Machinery

I don’t want any of those guys listed above to be called up to the main roster as a knee-jerk reaction to bad ratings. That’s just begging for them to be feuding with Mojo Rawley on Main Event in a few weeks.


Yea, lets put the top guys on the main roster, so they can become the next Tyler Breeze and No Way Jose. Sounds exciting.

At first I was bummed no velveteen dream. But being calked up all at once with no storyline sucks. I want Patrick Clark to shine and hopefully his and the undisputed eras eventual call ups are epic.

The people called up are mid-card talent that will fill out the rosters. I think the only people up for a decent push in the short term would be Nikki Cross since she is likely going to Smackdown and is mental (in a good way)

And EC3 if he goes to Smackdown I could see him in an angle for the US title in the next 2 months or so.

Heavy Machinery will hopefully fill out a weak tag team division.

I think the call ups were solid, it isn’t the time to bring up Undisputed Era, Ricochet or Dream.

I think you’ll see Black up in the new year, they need to make room for guys like Riddle and Lee in NXT.

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Here’s the thing - NXT and it’s success shouldn’t be a priority. The main roster, especially RAW, has been terrible for a while now and these call-ups should fit in well.

EC3 never should have gone to NXT in the first place. He’s got the look and charisma that Vince likes and didn’t need to learn or fine-tune anything down there. He’s going to do well.

Heavy Machinery will also do better on the main roster. Look and charisma is unique and again I think Vince will like them.

Lars - duh. He will do very well.

Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans - I think Evans will be a good fit. Cross is someone who I think will struggle.

Everyone else listed should stay on NXT. Ricochet and Velveteen Dream should be a bigger deal when they get called up. Same with Ciampa.


As it was told to me, they want to keep enough talent in NXT that can draw on the road so the top end guys in NXT stay put.

There are lots of people in creative who want to have all the major names on the main roster.

The choices were made based on talent that had strong characters and they felt had done all they could in NXT.


I think EC3 is one of those guys who will do better on the main roster than in NXT, Lacey Evans could be the same.

Laur Sullivan is going to get a big push from the off, Nikki will hopefully revitalise Sanity, I’m not a fan of Heavy Mechaniery and they will probably get one title shot on PPV before ending up on Main Event.

A few of those bigger names mentioned in the opening post will probably get the post Wrestlemania call up.

EC3 should really be in a heel team with Bobby Roode. They have similar characters and work a similar style. I think they would gel really well as a snobby heel team.

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I think with Lashley’s narcissist style gimmick EC3 would fit with him and the heavy hitting move sets.

If they could bring back the NXT heel Roode I’d totally be down with that being a 1%er’s tag team.

Fire them all already so they “be happy on the indies”…two weeks down the road people will be crying about their spot and screaming burials and failures.

Let’s just nip it in the bud beforehand.

Weird reasoning behind “they want enough people in NXT that can draw”

Look how stacked Takeovers are. They could easily pick 3 of the top NXT people and replace them.

Hey, No Way Jose was called up a while ago. :wink:

How I think this could play out with these six positively:

EC3: He’s always had this quirky sense of humor to him, but his in-ring work would fair better on the main roster than it has in NXT. One friend of mine had the idea of him winning the Intercontinental Title and holding it for two years. Even if it’s a joke, I like that idea, plus if he were to act like the smug elitist heel, his character might be pretty close to that of the Miz, so those two definitely shouldn’t be on the same show. Therefore, Raw.

Lars Sullivan: Smackdown, so that Raw doesn’t have both male newcomers, plus Smackdown is kind of lacking in monster characters, whereas Raw already has Braun and McIntyre to cover the hoss quotient. I think feuds with the likes of Styles and Mysterio, as well as a potential partnership with Bryan (because he’s actually capable of adding big words to his promos) would go far in protecting him early on. Regardless, he’ll be given every chance to succeed.

Lacey Evans: Raw , so as to take over the stuck-up heel role vacated by the injured Alexa Bliss. If she were to turn face, they can play up her real-life military background, and I’d think they’d want that on Raw as well.

Nikki Cross: Not just because she’s already wrestled on Smackdown and because her old running buddies on Sanity are on that roster (and suddenly back from the dead), but I’d put her on Smackdown to give Smackdown both an experienced female wrestler as well as a female character, which they are lacking.

Heavy Machinery: Smackdown , because they could freshen up that tag team division that still primarily has three top teams.

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How I would bring those guy in

EC3: you need to bring him in as a heel. He need to be like a JBL, million dollar man type character. By that I mean a stuck up rich guy that thing he’s better then everybody. That’s how he was able to get over in TNA and he has a better chance to get over on the main as a heel as that his strong suit with this character.

Lars sullivan: I would have him come out with a manager. Somebody like a Paul ellering or somebody like Paul. The biggest problem with Lars isn’t his size but the fact that for a monster, he really doesn’t have any charisma or presence, I think a manager would help him with that. Right now, he’s more in the category of a heidenreich which isn’t a good thing, with a manager, he could be a major star.

Nikki cross: just put her back with sanity. In the end the character works better in a group setting then has a solo act. Have her be the next challenger for asuka to show how talented she is and then who knows.

Heavy machinery: my problem with them is that they remind me of the WCW jobber Roadblock. I think the gimmick will be a hard thing for them to get over on the main roster mostly because it feel like a jobber gimmick. I don’t know how you can spin that to make them a top team and I feel they might get lost in the shuffle. So just put them on raw so that they can have some tv time on main event which I fell they will end up anyway.

Lacey evans: speaking of wwe main event level performer. Will she got the size and is decent in the ring, the gimmick is what will kill her. Like many before her, she got stuck with a outdated gimmick in NXT and now that they are calling her up, she is doom to fail because of that. Sometimes I wonder if NXT creative realize that We’re not in the 80’s anymore when they give gimmick like this one to a performer. The more cartoony a gimmick is, the less of a chance the performer as to get over on the main roster and she probably be the next casualty of the bad NXT booking.