83 Weeks Bischoff podcast

I’m sure people here are familiar with the newest podcast from Post roundtable alumni Conrad Thompson…so far they’re still establishing chemistry and Thompson is getting Bischoff to cop to some bullshit…but hearing Conrad quote that Death of WCW book makes me glad I never read it…holyshit talk about farfetched over reaching.

“Hogan put Goldberg over so he can get his win back”…ok that sounds reasonable.

“But Hogan was so hated by the undercard guys, it switched to Kevin Nash so they can ‘work the boys’ because Nash was liked, so Hogan can pretend to quit over losing power and retire and do the fingerpoke of Doom” uhhhh what?!?!

If Hogan was as Machiavellian as some people wrote he was…he could’ve been running WCW and milked that Time-Warner money in an executive capacity for even more than he got as a wrestler. Not to mention he would’ve foreseen all the things that ended up in litigation and his little tape foray.

Maybe use that fanfic for their own booking…I’d fucking watching that.

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I don’t think there isn’t anything left for Bischoff to say that he hasn’t already said about is run WCW. He has rehashed his WCW material countless times on almost every outlet there is.

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Well he has a Co host who isn’t a complete cuck who will drag the show into politics and push on things he thinks he’s getting spun on, not a corporate speak show like a WWE network were or completely useless like kayfabe commentaries…so there’s that.

I enjoy Conrad Thompson hosted shows, but with 83 Weeks, What Happened When, and the 2 Bruce Prichard shows weekly it’s become hard for me to keep up especially since most episodes are 3 hours long.

My favorite of Conrad’s podcasts is What Happened When with Tony Schiavone. It’s the most goofy/off the rails of his 3. I listened to the first episode of 83 Weeks and thought it was just OK. I enjoyed the part where Bischoff fake cried when Vince was complaining about WCW trying to put them out of business. Vince truly was a hypocrite in that aspect. He had put so many others out of business before that.


I absolutely love Conrad and he is brilliant with Tony and Bruce, but not even his genius can salvage 83 Weeks.

Eric Bischoff is either a pathological liar or sounds like he’s lying with every word he utters. There have been some huge lies told by Eric in the first two episodes, but his refusal to own his body of work speaks volumes about the man.

I had high hopes for this podcast, but find myself beyond disappointed with Eric.

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Yeah, I’ll stick with Bruce Prichard’s podcast.


I really like this podcast. It’s much better than the PC, political laden, boring drivel that I listen to twice a week, mostly out of habit now. I like how Eric calls out the revered dirtsheet writers on their BS. Sure, Bischoff’s ego gets in the way of being completely honest and expecting him to have instant recall of contract details of some 3rd tier wrestler from 20 years ago is ridiculous. But the show is entertaining, interesting, and doesn’t feel like a job to sit through like 99% of the other wrestling podcasts.

Since I’m a delivery driver with headphones in my ear all day at work, Jon and Wai, along with Conrad can fill my days up fairly quickly. With 83 Weeks now a thing, the only shows left for Conrad now would be pairings with Heyman and Jarrett for ECW and TNA coverage.

Eric Bischoff is a conman. He has an excuse for everything. He wants to have his cake and be able to eat it too. He is nothing but a liar looking to sell his version of the truth.


He keeps saying Bret was never a big draw and WWF weren’t making money with him on top yet he offered him 9 million over 3 years? What kind of bs is this?

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Geez dude relax. Does he owe you money or something?

I’m a fan of Conrad. He’s really the driving force behind all three shows.

83 weeks has a long way to go before I’m permanently adding it to my list.

Bischoff comes across incredibly unlikable. He’s not nearly as entertaining as Bruce or funny as Tony.

Seems like he’s lying all the time, but I actually think he just can’t remember shit. Maybe wcw gave these guys PTSD or something, bc Tony is the same way.

And I can’t believe anyone likes the constant dirt sheet rants from all three shows.

Hopefully the show can get better. I have faith in Conrad.


Bret hart strikes me as the type of weirdo that saves every single thing from his career.

Wonder if he’ll bother correcting any of Eric’s claims with some actual evidence.

He kept journals he’d write during car and plane rides and since he was constantly on the road from his debut to 96 when he took his first sabbatical kind of hard to think otherwise…which is why his book is regarded as gospel.


Eric contradicted a lot of what Bret said in his book.

I kinda hope we get some type of Bret rebuttal.

I’d like to get an idea of how full of shit bischoff actually is.

That’s why I’m not really into the idea of this show. Bischoff is not going to remember the minutia of the decisions made 20 years ago. Everything we know from WCW and WWE today is that it’s nonstop running these companiee. Booker’s and writers and wrestlers can barely remember what they did a month ago. Let alone 20 years.

While Bruce Prichard is probably just as full of it as Eric Bischoff, at least Bruce is entertaining.

And whoever mentioned the constant ragging on the dirt sheets is right. It takes me out of the show when the rants start, and sometimes they’re just arguing for the sake of arguing with no real end goal.

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Ever think that the dirtsheet writers need to be called out? Maybe, just maybe they write stuff that’s conjured up in their heads as “sources say” so marks will continue to pay subscription fees. Then when whatever they wrote is found out to be false, they claim “I was given bad information” or “the plan changed since I was told”. Meltzer is the worst for that (ie…Punk will be in Chicago for Raw). He’s a hack. You could get more reliable inside wrestling information from the back of a Denny’s menu than you could get from that “journalist”.

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We’ve found Eric Bischoff’s Post wrestling account.

Dave posts his old Observers on his site. You can go back and read everything he reported at the time, and an overwhelming majority of the time its all on the nose. In the fall of 1998, he was talking about how the plan for Starcade was Nash ending Goldbergs streak, and then dropping the title to Hogan to start a new NWO, and how it was the wrong direction. Hell, in February of 1998 he was talking about the impending doom for WCW based on their bookig and management. It’s all out there to read and documented.

I know you never heard Dave’s audio of the Punk thing, you probably just read a poorly written wrestlezone article looking for clicks. But he never said that. But then again, if you’re defending Bischoff, I dont think you’re interested in the truth to begin with here. Someone else said this elsewhere so I won’t take credit for it, but they hit the nose on the head when talking about Eric and this podcast. He probably thought the podcast would discuss all the good things he did with WCW to beat Vince, and so far Conrad has been talking about all the bad shit he did that took the company down. Hopefully over time Eric will stop lying and get more comfortable as the topics change, but we’ll see.

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“Plans change”…isn’t a retraction. …something credible journalists do when one of their stories are proven false.

Name dropping more credible journalists and using their quotes to humble brag isn’t either.

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