9/7 Road to Destruction: Golden Lovers vs Ishii/Osperay

Tbf, I haven’t seen the event yet. I’m just stoked I stumbled upon this on Twitter. It pays to follow Chris Charlton and W.H. Park. NJPW has two more shows this weekend and a several more shows, before the final Destruction show on 9/23, feat… Okada vs Tanahashi.

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Damn, Ren Narita looked like he legit got messed up from Chase Owens’ Package Piledriver.

Incredible main with Lovers v Ishii/Osprey

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Loved that main event! Ospreay seems to be angling for a singles match with Ibushi – wonder if that means he’s going to move on to heavyweight?

In the backstage comments (a great watch for free on YouTube) Kenny cut Osprey down about wanting to move up.

Ah, that’s a shame. I guess he’s needed more in the light heavyweight division with Hiromus injury. It’d be cool to see him against heavyweights in time, he didn’t seem too small in that match.

Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest he wasn’t moving up. It would appear he is eventually (I personally was really hoping to see him in the G1 this past year). It’s just Kenny cut a promo running him down which may mean he’s for sure moving up.

This was a fantastic match. I mean, with the talent involved it obviously looked great on paper, but all of them decided to go full-bore. If Ospreay wasn’t already booked for Strong Style Unleashed I’d wonder if they might be thinking about him v Ibushi as a quasi non-canonical one-off.

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Would an Osprey win over Ibushi be enough to elevate him to Heavyweight? If the New Japan Cup or G1 was around the corner I’d think so, but since it’s not I don’t know what the winner of this match would get.

Does it build Ibushi to beat a Jr?
Does it build Osprey at Ibushi’s expense when we expect Ibushi and Kenny to have a match again at some point?
Weird time of year to do this but as always IN GEDO WE TRUST