A fetus received Pyro on dynamite

I love dynamite but the Cody/Brandi stuff does my head in.


I really liked JR and Tony’s reactions in commentary. They felt real and spoke from the heart in talking about their own children and families. Everything in wwe is scripted and tightly controlled, I love aew ao much more.


I’m just pleased that unlike WWE, they don’t overly push completely untalented individuals through nepotism…

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How dare you talk about Roman Reigns that way :wink:

Is this a joke because of Brandi Rhodes? Or are you being serious?

It’s sarcasm. Brandi being the clear example

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lol ok, I thought so. You never know with AEW as some people just have blinders on when it comes to them.

Yup. This one takes the biscuit though when it comes to self-absorbed delusional behaviour.

Yeah it hit a soft spot in my Dad heart too.


It’s cringe worthy crap that works with some people. That’s why WWE love doing that shit and AEW is a revolution so obviously they use all the same tactics as WWE…

Correction: a hot fetus.

At least it got more pyro than Mox and Eddie


Awkward thread title to see pop up.

When this happened, I saw one person in a Facebook group I belong to say it was a really bad look because fireworks at gender reveals have caused serious damage, mainly wildfires in California. I felt this was reaching considering it was controlled wrestling show pyro.

People on the internet desperately scavenging for things to be offended by is unfortunately very normal.

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I really don’t think she was scavenging.