A Future WWE: The FCW Story

It’s on WWE Network now instead of waiting until after Elimination Chamber. I thought it was good, I might be mistaken but there is no way the same people who made Ruthless Aggression made this, not even with allowing them to mention ROH and Juice Robinson, but it felt like a different production style. Heath Slater was my favorite talking head and nobody stood out as being full of shit

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I really liked it too. It was more akin to other documentaries they’ve put out, no narrator, just letting the talking heads tell the story.

Lots of great footage here. Quick cameos and mentions of Dean Ambrose and Colt Cabana in the weirdest ways. I’ve seen a bunch of promo school promos online in the past, but WWE (or people who were with FCW, like Rob Naylor) would have the motherload.