A new member of the POST family!

Congratulations John!


Congrats John, enjoy your time with the new arrival.

Congratulations to John and your family.

Oh wow congrats john.

Logging into twitter and seeing good news was a refreshing change of pace! Congratulations to John and his family!


Congrats to you DJ JOPO!

Congratulations! This explains why John is having a few weeks off.

And I thought Renee Paquette being pregnant was going to be the coolest baby news in wrestling this week.

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Congratulations, John!

The word sabbatical is ominous and I was concerned something was going on with John.

I am thrilled to see that it’s good news. Congratulations to the Pollock family on the new addition !


Wow! That’s awesome! congrats to both you and your wife!

Congratulations to the Pollock family!

Congrats to the newest postmark!

John Pollock and Jon Moxley, making good things come from the pandemic. Congrats John.

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What a week for people named John/Jon and their offspring.

Particularly delighted for Max that he now has a little sister.

Congrats on expanding the Post Wrestling women’s division!

Congrats man!

Stay healthy.


LOL, what a terrible name! :smiley:

Change it to Roberta!

EDIT: Just kidding.

Great news indeed!

Keep safe and stay awesome!

Congrats John!!

Loved the tweet and loved the pic. My first child is due in January. I love hearing about Max and now can’t wait to hear about Evie. Mazel Tov @johnpollock.