A Very Special Birthday Shout Out

I want to give a very special Birthday Shout out to none other than @Paul_Scaltro also known as Paul from NJ. Paul has been somebody I have had the pleasure to meet and he brings a level of discussion on the forum and his feedback to the next level. I think we are all better served with Paul as a member of this community.

So Happy Birthday to my statemate and somebody I consider a “friend” - Paul from NJ


Man, you all are so kind to me. This has been a great community & a very positive impact on my life. Thank you so much MJ and everybody else. Cannot say enough good things about all of you.


Congratulations on yet another successful trip around the sun. What a ride it has been! Cheers.


Happy birthday man.

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Happy birthday Paul!

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Thanks Wai! Much appreciated.

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Happy Birthday Paul!
Still sorry about the IIconics!

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Happy B-day Man!

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LOL thanks buddy, once their singles run fails hard I’m sure they will be back together in no time!

Happy birthday! Looking forward to our matchup this weekend!