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Let’s face it, we have no idea what we’re doing. Let us know what you’d like to see us fix in POST.

I don’t have any things that I need fixed, but is it OK if I post a suggestion in this thread? Too bad, I’m doing it anyway! :wink:

I would love if you guys took a monthly look at promotions that have VOD services, be it reviewing a show off of Stardom World, DDT Universe, Powerbomb TV, stuff like that. Each month you could highlight a service and possibly interview someone involved either on the talent or production end. We get new reviews, these services get some promotion, and the entire business wins. Dumb idea or fun idea?

I think it’s a great idea. VOD is making a whole world of independent promotions more accessible than ever. I also feel the audience for this type of thing is bigger than it’s ever been. Thanks for the suggestion.

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While I’m still up and listening to the Christmas show, if you could talk Mouth into doing an old show looking at stuff from the territory days, maybe paired with a younger co-host that’s never seen the old-school sports presentation of professional wrestling, I think that would make for compelling listening.

I’m wondering if this forum will have specific areas for discussion on the current wrestling and/or MMA companies the world over, regardless of whether they’re covered in detail on the site proper or in the podcasts? I have a regular online haunt that I live in for wrestling discussion for the most part, but I’m always looking for new places to procrastinate when I should be doing something far more important that talking about wrestling. :sunglasses:

How about a section for Old Wrestling Promotions reviewed in chronological order?

For example
WCW, ECW, Mid-South, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, etc…

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Bring back the non-WWE show reviews. Do random stuff. Not the Chyna porn type stuff mind you, but things like, “I Like to Hurt People” or “Lipstick & Dynamite.”

Things like this would fall under General for now. Might not be enough to warrant its own forum sections at the moment.

That’s fair. Just throwing it out there to see if you guys are open to it. Wait and see is good enough for me at this point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This isn’t so much something for now, with POST in its infancy, but I absolutely LOVED the Review-A-Wai Archive on the LAW boards. The way that reviews were listed both in order they were done and in chronological order was always a huge help for me when searching out a show I just happened to watch.

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What about a discord group?

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Not sure if this is the place to post but here goes:

Love your guys content listen every day, loved the daily shows but understand how much time it takes to make them. I’m lost without your daily shows driving to and from work everyday and not much interest in G1 :(. Anyway I have heard you guys asking for suggestions in some shows and I don’t usually post more of just a listener.

My suggestion would be keep your regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday night shows as is you can talk news their and go over the shows like you have always done. I honestly listen more for the banter between you guys then the reviews themselves lol. My favorite shows are Talk and mailbags.

Anyway keep those shows and instead of a daily show every day maybe just do them Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when their is no wrestling content. So you would keep your old night schedule and just have 2 afternoon shows a week. Would be a little bit easier to keep up with. Once a day is good enough for me.

Anyway just my 2 cents. Will listen to you guys regardless of what you do. Keep up the great work!!

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Hi, just a bit of feedback, apologies if there’s a more appropriate place to leave it.

Firstly, thanks for the hard work that I’m sure goes into growing something like this, it really is quite a thing you guys have done. I do enjoy hearing from you guys and the extended post universe. Shout out to the NWA and wrestlenomics kliqs!

In regards to reviews of shows, it was interesting hearing what Braden and Davy were saying the other day when they guest hosted Review a dynamite. Personally, especially for raws and such I’d be quite happy to hear a bit less detail on moves in matches unless it’s something major of course. Something like a quick Bischoff style review (Jericho beats MJF in a competitive match with a lionsault) is fine by me. Sometimes I find the blow by blow reviews a bit much, especially for busy matches. It’s nice for PPVs or the odd notable/big match but I don’t really need it every time. Am much more interested to hear you guys’ views on what’s happened rather than the nuts and bolts of it all.

Speaking of reviews, was very gutted to hear that review a wai could be getting the chop. This might be one of my favourite shows you guys do. Honestly, was probably my biggest draw for subscribing to the patreon outside of being able to support you guys on your then-new endeavour. Maybe opening up submissions outside of the pricey patreon tier every now and again for something new? (Would love to be able to suggest stuff, but really can’t spring for any more than what I pay for you guys on a regular basis as it is, much as I wish I could)

Have enjoyed some of the non wrestling related content like when you guys looked at Icarus. Pollock and Ting Talk is a huge hit with me. Loved your rocky series too even though I was never a massive fan of the movies, it was fun to hear you guys cover them. Would love to hear you guys break down the 5-part Oj Simpson documentary from a few years back or “The Defiant ones”. Maybe am in the minority but really enjoyed review an america and the journalism special you guys did in place of the 2nd saudi event. Would love to hear more like this on a semi regular basis. I know I’m in the minority, but the F1 talk makes me reach for the skip button. Nothing personal, but I remember Kevin Owens saying once how he didn’t get real sports as it’s just people playing games - it rings very true with me too :slight_smile: That said, I have enjoyed the times it’s been used to draw a comparison with wrestling or greater media landscape, but as I say I know I’m on my own here. I’m sure the numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for me at sacrifice.

Personally would be more than happy to hear you guys break down feuds like the show you did with HBK vs Jericho feud. Thought that was really cool. Also really dug things like the Owen doc or personality profiles.

Not so keen on the MCU stuff myself, although I get that it probs does pretty sweet numbers for you guys. Used to enjoy when it was just covering the movies every couple of weeks, but esp with all of the series that seem to be coming out I just can’t really keep up with it all anymore. The casual slant you guys had when it was you and John was a cool hook that really worked for me also as a novice but now it feels a bit too inside baseball for me to be able to follow.

On the topic of things I struggle to keep up with, am glad you guys are moving away from daily news updates. Honestly it was a lot for me to keep up with (guess I’m one of the completionists Wai mentioned before!) and sometimes made reviews of raw and smackdown a lot more dry to deal with, esp when the WWE product can be tough to love at the best of times. Personally I like the balance of starting off with the news then getting into the show rather than straight into show.

By the way, new series of serial about the Trojan horse letters is incredible if you haven’t heard it yet. There’s a very interesting argument the hosts have about bias in journalism that I’d be interested to hear your takes on in a future podcast or thing.

Think that’s about it, hope this was useful and please keep review a wai alive!

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