Actwres girl'Z promotion in Japan undergoing changes, shifting to an entertainment approach

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Actwres in Japan is undergoing internal changes.

The ‘Actwres girl’z’ promotion in Japan announced that beginning December 31st, they will be undergoing changes in regards to how their product is presented. They noted on their official website that they’ll be shifting to an entertainment-focused product while still having pro wrestling be the base for their shows.

This is being done to overcome some of their current hurdles such as the limited number of people in attendance due to COVID-19 and their profits dropping.

Actwres has been running shows under separate brands; ‘Beginning’ and ‘Color’s’ and those are being disbanded at the end of this year. They noted that they’ll be returning to their roots and working in their own direction from now on.


— アクトレスガールズ / Actwres girl'Z (@beginning_pro) November 14, 2021

Since the promotion’s start in 2015, Actwres has sent their talents to other promotions to work. In 2016 and 2017, Saori Anou and Natsumi Manki left the promotion respectively.

Over the summer, Mai Sakurai and Waka Tsukiyama departed Actwres and joined STARDOM.