Adam Cole managing Keith Lee lol

Apparently the main roster pitch was for Keith Lee to turn heel and Adam Cole (with a name change bc there is a Michael Cole) to be his manager and not wrestle much.

And you wonder why he left.


I had heard about Cole being treated as a manager… but the rest of that? When they say ‘creative has nothing for you’ this is probably going to be the gold standard of that.

I wonder if Vince picked out a matching tennis skirt for Adam to wear alongside Keith. I always felt so guilty quitting/leaving jobs I’ve had in the past because it feels like you are leaving your employer with a lot of work to replace you. We could only be so lucky to work at WWE, where quitting and walking away is perhaps the easiest decision you will ever have to make.

But people on this message board said Adam Cole would be a main eventer on the main roster…

Vince is never going to change. Good luck Kyle O’Reilly (Sheamus leprechaun gimmick in 5,4,3,2…)

For anyone doubting this, look at what he did with Lio Rush and Drake Maverick. Vince needs to step down ASAP

If this is true, why the hell would the offer him 1mil per year to do that?

Can’t say I’m surprised, this is why I said Vince could never book him properly.