Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge returns at the Royal Rumble

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One of the major stories coming out of the Royal Rumble was the return of Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge during the men’s Rumble match.

Copeland, 46, entered the Royal Rumble in the #21 position and lasted until the final three with Roman Reigns and eventual winner Drew McIntyre.

During the match, there was an issue teased with Randy Orton as the former Rated RKO teammates formed an alliance that ended when Edge eliminated Orton.

Copeland has not wrestled since April 2011 when he was forced into retirement at the age of 37 due to cervical spinal stenosis. His retirement announcement occurred on an episode of Raw that is well-remembered as one of the most candid speeches to take place in the show’s history. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April 2012 and had moved over to a career in acting including regular roles on the series Haven and Vikings.

Last year, it was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Copeland had signed a new deal with WWE and there was speculation of an in-ring return, which Copeland denied several times. In October, reported he was in Pittsburgh on ‘WWE business’, which is the city where there head physician Dr. Joseph Maroon is based.


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Thanks thats nice

Coming out AEW made him an offer after he cleared independent exams. Seems like (based on random tidbits elsewhere) he may have used that as leverage or that’s what pushed WWE to have him cleared. So that makes 2 (Daniel Bryan) as the other who have been cleared since the threat of another company or group using them based on independent medical exams.


When is Paige coming back?

If she does come back hopefully it’s in AEW. I don’t think she’s good enough to have a featured spot in any of WWE’s women’s divisions.

Paige just signed a long term contract herself.

I didn’t get the opportunity to watch the Rumble, but followed along and made sure to watch Edge’s entrance and for me as a fan who loved Edge’s work as “The Rated R Superstar” it was emotional (I am man enough to admit, I teared up a bit) to see him walk down that ramp again to see him in amazing shape and his eyes made it clear the emotions he was feeling.

It was a great moment, and I popped just watching the slice WWE put on YouTube…Also, Edge is the king of the spear better than Goldberg, and Reigns and they both played football…

Rated RKO vs. Brothers of Destruction at Wrestlemania??

Wow…you cannot be serious with that. I get that you love the guy, but to say his spear is better is just crazy. I love the guy too, but he actually has one of the worst spears. It’s like he hits you sideways, whereas Roman and Goldberg just plow right through you. Roman especially. I don’t think anyone even comes close to touching his spear.


He looked awesome

I’m very very curious to hear how he was cleared after such a serious diagnosis

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It was a mysterious case of another promotion.

Honestly I :pray: these guys - Edge Bryan - don’t ever really regret these decisions to go get independently cleared and come back.

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I’m a fan of the the “Old Man Edge” ala Logan, look.


Really hope it was a medical breakthrough that we haven’t heard of yet

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completely made up rumor by myself

STING to AEW, deep talks.

Now WWE can clear Sting and finally book Taker-Sting at Mania 36 :crazy_face:

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I like the way you think…

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Spoilers guys…it’s only been 3 days.