Adam Copeland isn't sure if him being heel would work anymore

Originally published at Adam Copeland isn't sure if him being heel would work anymore

Copeland says everyone understands the real story behind his character… 

The reigning and two-time AEW TNT Champion Adam Copeland is closing in on one full month as champion. Thus far, he’s had two defenses of the belt against the likes of Matt Cardona and Penta El Zero Miedo

Copeland was interviewed by Mo Amir of VANCOLOUR and they took a look back at his heel run from his time in WWE. Present day, Copeland is not sure if he’d be able to be a heel. He joked that he tried and it failed miserably.

It’s always fun to play a character where your job is to fall flat on your face and to have no redeeming qualities and that’s easy. It’s easy to get people to not like you. Especially in today’s climate, it’s hard to get an audience on your side. I think the only reason I’ve been able to up until this point is because everyone understands the real story of Adam behind the character and the battle to get this thing back after being forced to retire. So I think now, as much as it’d be nice to try and be heel, I tried it once and it failed pretty miserably (he laughed). So, I don’t know if it would work anymore. But, it was fun while it lasted for sure.

Copeland is scheduled to be in action on the next episode of Dynamite. He’ll be teaming with Willow Nightingale to take on Brody King and TBS Champion Julia Hart. 

At the Dynasty pay-per-view that week, Copeland, Eddie Kingston and ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe are set to face House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews). 

If the quote in this article is used, please credit VANCOLOUR with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.

Depends on the babyface he’s up against. I could totally see it working with a returning Max.

Yeah, I think he’s in the Dwayne Johnson space where the people will play along as long as his opponent is somebody they want to cheer.

The fact that he recognizes he would have to act and wrestle differently as a heel puts him ahead of the curve already

I completely disagree. He can act, talk and is bigger than nearly everyone on the roster

This is so weird because I think he’s a bit of an awful babyface. I have to mute when he’s talking or I get bad cringe chills.

I think he could absolutely be a good heel in AEW.

The issue is the natural heel character would be “asshole veteran leeching or feuding with younger talent” and that role has already been done a lot by two other Canadians, Jericho and Christian.

So finding a unique heel character could be tough. Whereas as a face he steps into the hole left by Sting as the baby face veteran over performing for his age and injury history.


Good to see some super local media and advertising picking up ahead of AEW’s Vancouver debut!

I can see and like Copeland as the new Sting, like @RedRaider07 suggested.