Additional Names Announced for 25th Anniversary of Raw

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On Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, the following names were added to the list of special guests for the 25th Anniversary of Raw on January 22nd:

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Brother Love (Bruce Prichard)

The Godfather

Teddy Long

The Boogey Man

John Laurinaitis

Sgt. Slaughter

It would seem fitting if JR and The King called the show

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Biggest shocker is Bruce Prichard here.

I also wonder how watered down Godfather will be in this climate of people searching for things to be angry about?

oh great it’s the boogeyman

Over/Under, Hulk Hogan returns for the 25th Anniversary Show

I love that Brother Love is going to be back on the show. I look forward to Something to Wrestle With every week, and the Brother Love character is a classic!

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Wasn’t he a Smackdown guy too? What’s he doing at the Raw anniversary show?

Most likely just a guy and character Vince McMahon thinks is the greatest thing ever. …because he eats worms.

They’re really bringing out the big guns now. :rofl:


JR won’t call the show but he strongly hinted it his podcast.
I think it’s a no brainer that he’s there.

I hope that’s a typo and they’re actually bringing back the Goodfather.

Hope they put Prichard through a metal detector before entering the building

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Always good to see the Mack Militant! Comin’ to get it oooooonn!!!


I mean if Teddy Long qualifies…

Prichard? What about Don Callis or Lance Storm? Guessing they’ll start building Taker’s Mania program.

I am assigning you to a tag team match playa!

Damien Demento Vs Undertaker book it!

I assume JR and King are calling anything in the Manhatten Center and it’s Cole, Graves and Booker at Barclays

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