AEW All In card and hype

Did you watch it? Please share.

I just couldn’t believe they went that long and made that decision on the finish. Shitty storytelling for something that has been universally praised.

I did, and I formulated my own opinion, like a grown-up. It was way too long and had a fuck finish. And while I’m not as immediately down on it as others, I have my doubts that the explanation we get is going to be satisfactory for tanking the main event of a major show.

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Are you going to see a guy try and win a ladder match with his hands in his pockets ?

MJF and Cole had a dance off. That’s your world champion.

Do you see Roman having a dance off?

Yes, that kind of stuff appeals to people. But it’s not going to make a lot of new fans. New fans are people that really haven’t seen much wrestling or did years ago and have fallen out of favour with it. I don’t think they’re tuning in to see goofy comedy hour. a lot of existing AW fans like that kind of stuff because they like wrestling and enjoy the action and like the comedy parts because they are fans of Indy wrestling. But for people that aren’t into it I can’t imagine you’re going to be hooked with this angle.

On the other hand, if you’ve never really watched wrestling recently and you tune in and see a Roman reigns entrance or Cody and Brock angle and how serious they all look, and some of the stuff building off that you can see why that may be more appealing than a dance off to attract lapsed or new fans

I saw Roman Reigns quote Sylvester the Cat and have dog food dumped on him. Goofy shit is all over WWE.

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Yes agreed. That was the Vince WWE which ran off viewers. It’s not like that now. No more Tatar tots stupidness for the large party

Don’t get me wrong, WWE tv is a lot more watchable. So much improved from the Vince era. You’re right that it is hurting AEW with the improvement

I disagree with this. I would count as one of these ‘new fans’ as i didn’t watch wrestling for nearly 20 years. I dipped back in a few times to WWE and nearly completely stepped away before AEW.

I just much prefer the style of wrestling in AEW and I don’t think the characters are as goofy. I actually made a brew when MFJ had his dance off but the match that followed and the post match angle I enjoyed. Orange Cassidy is awesome but I remember reading you’re not a fan.

I can’t stand a Roman entrance and stopped taking Brock seriously a long time ago. Cody’s much cooler in WWE but Mox is the same in AEW. I do occasionally try to like WWE (as we’ve discussed) but theres many things that turn me off. AEW doesn’t do that for me, for some reason I accept a mans a dinosaur in AEW but I can’t take Bailey serious as a bad guy in WWE. But each to their own I guess.

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Yeah I think the general consensus is that AEW started losing steam once Hunter took over WWE and it lost some of its “cool factor” as the opposing brand. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this coincided with WWE Television becoming… you know… watchable again. Because my God were those late-era Vince shows brutal.

But I think this just speaks to my point that sometimes as a business you’ve gotta zig when others are zagging. When WWE starts making gains based on a reclamation of the cool factor, maybe that’s AEW’s opportunity to shift gears a bit and lean into the sports entertainment side of things a bit.

I cant co-sign any MJF slander. MJF is fucking money. Incredible promo (best promo?). Great presentation. He’s got the look. He’s knows how to work a crowd. He gets the best out of everyone he’s paired with, including Adam Cole who has never been this hot in AEW. And his matches always deliver in ring.

I agree he gets a bit too silly sometimes with the singing and the dancing, and while I don’t necessarily care for that stuff very much, it’s also damn fascinating to watch. The guy can freaking sing. He can dance. What can’t he do? Used in moderation, all these things help me buy more into MJF the character. And that’s the thing that has me coming back week after week.


For the record, I agree with all this. I found most of the match slow and somewhat boring (I also could barely see when they were in the crowd), but the end was good up to the Jimmy turn.

I do want to add though, if someone didn’t watch the match and just read this board, they would think the match stunk up the place. I was there, and can say first hand that somewhere between the 20-30min point of the match, the crowd was chanting “this is awesome”, and for the most part were into the match.

To clarify, I wasn’t chanting that as I didnt love the match, but this false narrative being created that the match was garbage and nobody was into it just isn’t reality. The majority of WWE fans are into this storyline, and most were into this match. Sure, you’re average NJPW fan would like hate it, but that’s not the average WWE fan.

I think sometimes some fans conflate their opinions with the opinions of the masses.

People call or write into Post regularly saying “thanks for covering this because I don’t watch week to week anymore”. Are they not allowed an opinion?

No one watches every minute of any sport. They watch what they want to, they see highlights of what they miss and they listen to podcasts, read articles or whatever for the rest.

If you’d wrote, I loved Summerslam it was great. No one would have pulled you up so why do you feel the need to comment on those that felt differently.

Yeah people do conflate their opinions when they see that others agree with theirs. It’s just human behaviour. If everyone disagrees most people will question whether they got it right or think maybe they missed something.

As someone’s who’s going to this and was pumped when they got tickets I must say I feel deflated.

Like most are saying the event will be great but I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be. MJF isn’t losing the belt but I’m sure the story they make will be fun.
I don’t like the pairing of Mox OC. I was hoping to be more pumped for this show but the build has been pants.

The card for Wembley looks amazing I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

MJF could totally lose to Cole and regain it 2 weeks later. Think of This Tuesday in Texas.

I thought they should have done that with Ospreay. Ospreay beating MJF for the title in Wembley would be electric and then he loses it back at All Out.

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I know it will be amazing on the night I’m just not feeling as excited as I expected to. Give me one week of Collision and Dynamite and I’m sure I’ll feel different but this is AEWs WrestleMania really and they could have built it better then this. Other then Bryan they haven’t really been hampered by injuries.

Yeah I agree Osprey winning would have been awesome in the UK.

In the other thread you said “I’m done”, I didn’t think you were just going to continue in another thread.

Again, you can say whatever you want, I never implied you aren’t allowed to have an opinion. What I said was that when you have a strong opinion on the quality of a show, you probably should have watched the show. If you form an opinion on a show that you never saw its simply an uneducated opinion. I know when I said this in the other thread you said I was being rude, but I’m sorry it is what it is.

You use the sports the analogy of having to watch every minute of every game. What you are doing is equivalent to me saying “Kevin Durant is washed up, the guy can’t play in the NBA anymore, he just sucks now”…then someone saying "what don’t you like about his game?’ and me saying “oh I dont watch him, I just go on Twitter and thats what people say”. I have a right to say it, but sorry, yes that is an uneducated opinion. There is a big difference between watching “every minute of every game” and just not watching at all. I’m sorry if that annoyed you when I said that, but its the truth.

You’re right, I dont think anybody would bat an eye if I said Summerslam was great. I also dont think anybody would bat an eye if I said Summerslam was bad. The reason, not because of my opinion, but because I watched the show.

Feel free to rip things you don’t watch all you want, but don’t get upset when people call you out on it.

“Tuesday in Texas”…talk about shows that I havent heard about in decades lol. I hope they do this, but the biggest show in company history I feel you need to end it with a bang, and for me, Adam Cole winning the title in the main event would be just that.

The only downside is you always risk devaluing the title by hot potatoing it. This did this a bit between Mox/Punk last year, so the risk is there. With that said, I’d do it.

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I do get what you’re saying.

I personally hate Man City and think alot of their football is boring. Now people who attend the games, watch every match on telly may have a different opinion but they play a style I dont personally like all the time. And they also just steamroller half the league which isnt enjoyable unless youre a fan.

I think we’ve disagreed because you say unless someone watches bell to bell, plus every video package then their opinion is uneducated. I would assume theres a huge amount of fans like me. I know 2 of my 3 mates who like wreslting are like me. We consume little and maybe we should keep our opinions to ourselves but I choose to join in on this board and until recently no ones ever called me uneducated or made personal jibes. I can take them, just dont really think its valid.

I feel i watch enough WWE to have an opinion. You obviously don’t so we’re not going to agree

I dont think to have an opinion you have watch every match bell to bell and watch every video package. What I am saying is that, if you are providing feedback on a specific match or a specific angle, its probably best you saw the match or saw the angle. Nobody watches every match or every video package, unless they are reviewing it. Even I fast forward through the meaningless TV matches and recap videos.

Ya’ll are arguing about the same thing across two different threads. Good grief.


I agree, I’m not sure why it bled into this thread.

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