AEW All In surpasses 50,000 tickets sold

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AEW’s All In event how now eclipsed 50,000 tickets sold, according to AEW president Tony Khan.

Thanks to the amazing support from our fans, #AEWAllIn London @wembleystadium just hit 50,000 tickets sold for £5.2M ($6.5M)!Remarkably all 50k tickets sold have been in the pre-sale!
The general ticket on-sale begins TOMORROW, with great seats opening up!

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) May 4, 2023

The latest update states that the company has surpassed the 50,000 mark during this week’s pre-sale, which began on Tuesday. The tickets sold represent sales of $6.5 million (U.S.), making this the most successful event in the promotion’s history.

The public on-sale begins on Friday for the August 27 event at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

It will be the company’s first event in the U.K.



AEW is still a huge threat to WWE.


I don’t think you can threaten a company that large lol. This is more about AEW growing than hurting WWE


Add 2 more seats here. Far better ones in the general sale than I was offered in the presale.


Are they cutting into their market share, 100%. Are they a “threat”…no. There is no reason why both companies can’t thrive.

What’s left, with several months to go and not a match announced.

It’s going to pass Mania for one day attendance, which is going to be hilarious. Nick Khan is working his contact list hard to undermine whatever number they finish at :laughing:


It won’t break 1992 though at wembley will it ?

Apparently it’s crossed 70K. That means 10K more to beat the legit SS92 number. They’ve got four months and absolutely nothing promoted yet.


Absolutely insane if it beats that

I think it should…with the way wrestling fans travel now a days, that being such a starved market, and AEW being such a good product, there is no reason why it shouldn’t sell out. All indications so far are showing me that this is going to be the case. Worst case, put the shit seats for dirt cheap just to say it’s a sellout.

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It’s an amazing time to be a wrestling fan and this is proof right here. Anybody who says otherwise isn’t paying attention. The industry is in a good place.


100% agree. It’s awesome to see two companies thrive and have giant gates like we’ve been seeing. Better for everyone…fans, wrestlers etc.

What a win for ROH.
Does a US stadium show surpass 40k instantly on presale? They should try it.


I don’t think so – the US isn’t starved. I think they would’ve done it in Toronto but they didn’t have the s back then and now I’m not so sure.

I think it’s also first time in the UK market. But yeah, I think to draw 40 K again they could do it in Toronto with a huge show.

Part of Mania’s success of getting packed houses has been building an event that people from all over see as a happening, and want to be a part of it.

ALL IN could have that affect for them. If in 2024 they announced a stadium show in Toronto for the next edition, I’m sure it would get a massive crowd. The do like Wrigley Field in 2025, and by that point, it has become a destination event and people will pack the place.

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I mean now there is copy cat syndrome in the Us so a stadium show especially with a card that lives up to it could potentially do that. Well see if this card has the power the Brand alone did.


I think all out is slowly branding it’s self to be that level of PPV. If they do All Out next year in the US and make it a stadium show, I can see it selling out, or at least coming close.

Looking forward to their Wembley PPV.

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