This is about 10 miles from my house. I have been there for 2 different high school graduations. Their website says they have 6,860 fixed bowel seating (not sure how many they can put on floor). From what I remember the seating was on 3 sides with a stage on the fourth side.

There are 2 hotels within walking distance (across the street). Another that is less then a mile. 6 or 7 sitdown restaurants within 1 mile plus fast food places. A shopping center with both a Target and Walmart close. It is not off a main highway but a toll road. The major intersection closest to here would be North Garland Ave and President George Bush Turnpike.

If anyone has more questions about this area feel free to ask.

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You should go to the show.

I’m about 2 hours south and I’m for sure going to this, get to cross a few people off the list of talent I’ve not been able to see!!

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I might but it’s a week night and it’s hard to rush home from work and take care of the dog then turn around and go back out again. Will see what the wife has to say. I could say it’s for my birthday. That might work.