AEW Collision Results: CM Punk vs. Ricky Starks w/ Ricky Steamboat, FTR vs. Cage & Big Bill

Originally published at AEW Collision Results: CM Punk vs. Ricky Starks w/ Ricky Steamboat

AEW is broadcasting live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina. The show is going head-to-head with WWE SummerSlam, so it’ll be interesting to see how it does. 

Opening Promos

The show started off with CM Punk, Ricky Starks, The Embassy, and FTR cutting brief promos to set the stage for the night. 

FTR Vs. Big Bill and Brian Cage

Brian Cage has face paint now, which certainly changes up his look a bit. Cage and Big Bill entered the arena first followed by FTR, who received a home-town reaction. Cage and Wheeler started the match as the crowd launched into FTR chants. Before the match could get going, though, Cash Wheeler went outside to give his mother a hug. Once the action got going, Cage hit some offense on Cash, leading to Dax Harwood tagging into the match.

After some back-and-forth action, Cage tagged Big Bill into the match. Neither team managed to get a consistent upper hand, but eventually, Big Bill choke slammed Cash onto Dax. He then threw Cash to the outside, where he landed on Dax again. This looked incredibly painful for both members of FTR and led to the heels getting the heat on Cash Wheeler for a commercial break.

The show returned with Bill in control on the outside. He beat on Cash in front of his mother, who proceeded to slap Bill in the face. Big Bill controlled the match for a long heat session, using a series of power moves to keep Cash in the ring. Wheeler hit a German suplex to make the hot tag to Harwood, who ran wild on the heel team. FTR recorded a very close near fall on Brain Cage, who kicked out at 2.99. Cage retaliated with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. 

Shortly after, Cage hit a huge cannonball to the outside on both members of FTR, but shortly after, FTR got the fight back into the ring, where they hit a Shatter Machine for the win. 

FTR Promo

After the match, FTR took the microphone and talked about starting a legacy 10 years ago. They said they’ve been the champions all over. They say there’s one thing left for them to do, and they call out the Young Bucks for a match in Wembley Stadium. The Bucks were not in attendance to respond, which would have been interesting since they haven’t appeared on Collison yet. This will be the rubber match for the two teams, so they can settle the long-running feud.

Bullet Club Gold

Juice Robinson was hanging out with his Jay White cardboard cutout, but then the real Jay White appeared (along with the Gunns) to cut a promo about his match against Metalik next week.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Kris Statlander

Martinez tried to attack early, but Statlander countered, and the two brawled back and forth from there. Martinez was the first to gain control of the match for any length of time, and she kept control during the first PiP commercial break. 

As the show returned, Statlander countered Martinez and gained the upper hand for a brief moment. She went for a cross body to the outside, but Martinez dodged it. However, this didn’t keep Statlander down long, as she hit a backbreaker to gain control for a few moments. However, Martinez hit a German Suplex from the top rope, which looked devastating. She followed with a running knee for a near fall. 

Eventually, Kris Statlander rolled up Martinez with a bridge for the three-count, which Martinez believed she kicked out of in time. This led to Martinez attacking Statlander from behind. Diamante ran down, making it seem like she would save Statlander, but she attacked her instead. Willow Nightingale ran down and made the save.

Toni Storm Interview

Toni Storm cut a promo about losing the title. She started off normal but slowly descended into a rage. She seems to be going in a new direction with her character, where she’s losing control of herself. 

Samoa Joe vs. Serpentico 

This match lasted about 10 seconds, with Joe tapping Serpenitco with a Coquina Clutch. 

After the match, he took the microphone and addressed the big event at Wembley. He said he had no one to dance with at the event and mentioned CM Punk, saying he’s better than Punk. He says a roll-up isn’t good enough for their legacy, and he asks Punk to give their legacy what it deserves. He says his courtesy will only last this week, and he’ll make Punk want the match next week.

The Acclaimed Interview

The show returned from a commercial break with Tony Schiavone sitting down backstage to chat with The Acclaimed. They were holding Billy Gunn’s boots. They said they spoke to Billy and that he’s firm in his decision to retire. The Acclaimed says Billy has given them so much, but if he’s done, he’s done. Bowens was actually in tears addressing Billy Gunn, asking him to throw up his scissors from his couch and scissor him one last time.

House Rules Match for Trios Titles

The House of Black entered first with Julia Hart for a Trios championship match against Action Andretti, Darius Martin, and Lee Johnson. The Dealer’s Choice stipulation saw Julia Hart banned from ringside. The House of Black mounted the first major offense in the match, and they retained control of Andretti into the first commercial break.

The show returned with the House of Black still keeping the heat on Andretti, but he made a tag to Lee shortly after, leading to Lee hutting some thoroughly impressive offense. This was short-lived, as the House of Black hit an impressive three-way spot for a near fall, but Andretti hit a 450 to break up the pin. This fired up the crowd, but the House of Black hit their finisher and won shortly after.

After the match, it was announced that CMFTR would take on House of Black for the Trios titles next week.

Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs was about to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but Q. T. Marshall interrupted, offering Hobbs a chain and an opportunity. Hobbs said he didn’t need his help. He snatches the gold chain and walks away.

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus 

Tony Schiavone interviewed Cage (who had his daughter with him looking extremely uncomfortable). She perked up and asked if she could hold Cage’s belt, to which he responded by having her ejected from the arena. 

Jay White vs. Metalik

Jay White, Juice Robinson, The Gunns, and the Jay White cardboard cutout entered (with Metalik already in the ring). The Gunns joined the commentary team for the match, which became much of the focus during the match. Metalik didn’t get much offense in for the early portion of the match, which is to be expected. He did get to land some high-flying moves throughout the match, but it was mostly a Jay White and Bullet Club Gold showcase. White hit the Bladerunner for the finish in a fairly short match.

Main Event Time

Jim Ross entered the arena to join the commentary team for the main event. From there, Ricky Steamboat came out and greeted the commentary team. Ricky Starks came out next, and the “Real” Champion CM Punk made his way to the ring last. The reaction to Punk wasn’t overwhelmingly positive or negative towards Punk this week.

While it was originally announced that Steamboat would be the referee, they ended up having him outside the ring as a special enforcer with one of AEW’s normal referees in the ring. 

Once the match started, “Let’s go Ricky” and “CM Punk” chants rang out, with the crowd clearly divided between the two wrestlers. After knocking Starks down, Punk mocked his entrance poses, but it didn’t seem to anger Starks much. The early portion of the match didn’t go to either wrestler, with both getting their moves in. Starks clotheslined Punk over the top rope, launching himself outside the ring, which led to the match’s first commercial break.

During the break, Punk did a Hulk Hogan spot, which included the leg drop and playing to the crowd. The show returned with Punk firmly in control, but Ricky Starks quickly countered and launched a barrage of punches at Punk in the corner. Punk turned it around and did the same to Starks before he jumped out of the ring. Punk mounted Starks on the outside and dropped a series of right hands. Eventually, Steamboat pulled Punk off, which led to Punk glaring at the legend. This gave Starks the opening he needed to get control of the match. 

Starks tried to cheat by pinning Punk with his hands on the ropes, but Steamboat saw him and intervened. From there, the show went to another commercial break, during which Starks his rope walk spot.

Punk hit a big superplex onto Starks, but it seemed to hurt him as much as it did his opponent. After some recovery, Punk hit a knee into the corner that segued into a Bulldog for a near fall. Punk went to the top rope and jumped on Starks to hit what appeared to be a botch. It seemed like both guys were okay as the match kept moving, with Starks hitting a powerbomb. Ricky went for the rope walk again, but Punk countered and caught Starks on his shoulder to attempt a GTS. Starks escaped and ate a kick to his face from Punk for another close pin. 

Starks ran into the main ref as the match approached the end, knocking him out of the ring. Starks pinned Punk with his feet on the ropes, to which Steamboat responded by pushing his feet off the ropes. Punk countered with a roll-up of his own, and Steamboat slid into the ring and counted the pin for a Punk win. 

After the match, Punk hugged Steamboat, but Starks pushed him into Punk. He mounted The Dragon and beat him down, eventually taking his belt and heating him with it. Punk grabbed a chair and dove into the ring, leading Starks to run for his life. 

Eventually, the doctor helped Ricky Steamboat to his feet as Punk seemed to take responsibility for what happened to The Dragon.