AEW Collision Results: House of Black vs. CMFTR, Darby challenges Christian. Starks is suspended

Originally published at AEW Collision Results: CMFTR challenge for Trios Titles

AEW is broadcasting live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Opening Promos

CM Punk and FTR opened the show with promos, and then we saw a recap of Ricky Starks beating Ricky Steamboat with his own belt. 

Ricky Starks Promo

Tony Schiavone introduced Ricky Starks, who made his way to the ring in what looked like a fishing vest or some sort of clothing article with ridiculous pockets. Schiavone announced that Starks wouldn’t be allowed to wrestle in AEW for 30 days. Starks says AEW has a history of screwing around with good people like him. He got a manager’s license to be on the show each week. He copied Punk’s line about living with the win. Starks proclaims that he will set the whole company on fire by bringing the war to your front door. 

BREAKING: Ricky Starks has been suspended for 30 days for attacking Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) August 13, 2023

It was a fiery promo from Ricky Starks, and even though he seems like he’s supposed to be a heel, he was mostly cheered by the crowd. 

FTR/Bucks Recap

AEW aired a video package showcasing the history between the Young Bucks and FTR. It was short but effective. It got across how important this match is to both teams. 

How did this rivalry begin between the Young Bucks & FTR?

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The Acclaimed

Max Caster called their other team hippos and said they looked like backup dancers for Lizzo. After the rap, Bowens started to say, “Scissor me, Daddy Ass,” before remembering that Billy Gunn wasn’t there. 

The Acclaimed took on the Iron Savages (fka Bear Country), who were already in the ring during The Acclaimed’s entrance. The Acclaimed gave Iron Savages a good amount of offense, though most was during the PiP commercial break. The show returned right before Caster made the hot tag to Bowens, who dispatched both Iron Savages with a flurry of offense. Eventually, the big guys countered with a huge throw on Bowens into a double team for a near fall. 

Jack Jameson got invoked in the match and took a Scissor Me Timbers for his trouble. The Acclaimed hit double Famousers and picked up the win. 

After the match, Max Caster picked up a microphone and said they had the spirit of Billy Gunn with them in the form of his boots. He said they couldn’t be stopped. Bowens said they love Billy, and Everyone loves The Acclaimed.

"We Love you, Billy!

The world loves you, Billy!

And everyone loves The Acclaimed!"

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) August 13, 2023

Bullet Club Gold

Lexi interviewed Bullet Club Gold, who cut a promo about their greatness. He said they’re the Bullet Club’s most “Elite” version. They called out the Young Bucks for saying they’re the best brother tag team, as they feel that title should belong to the Gunns. 

Women’s Tag Team Match

Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander took on Mercedes Martinez and Diamante in a tag team match. The match ran through a commercial break, and once it came back, it really picked up, with Martine powerbombing Diamante onto Statlander and Nightingale from inside the ring to the outside. Shortly after, Martinez rolled up Nightingale, and Diamante pushed on her back to give the pin extra leverage for the finish.

Toni Storm Interview

Toni Storm says she’s feeling a little better now that Saraya is in the match with her. Lexi pointed out that Shida would also be in the match, which made Storm fly off the hinge and storm off.

Joe, Joe, Joe

Samoa Joe took on Andrew Evertte, who claimed to be more than seven feet tall (he’s shorter than Joe). Joe killed him, as you might expect. 

After the match, Joe addressed the fans. He said he’s the now and forever King of Television. Joe says CM Punk is acting like a bitch. He gave him the courtesy of asking, but now he will convince him. 

The King Of Television isn’t asking anymore.

Will Samoa Joe get what he wants?

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) August 13, 2023

Christian Cage 

Cage made his way to the ring with the TNT Championship over his shoulder. Luchasaurus came along for the ride. Christian said this is the biggest family reunion he’s ever participated in because they’re all related. He says he’s superior to Ric Flair and any other wrestler from NC. He addressed Darby Allin but was interrupted by Arn and Brock Anderson, which makes sense, being in Greensboro. Cage points out that the last time Arn was relevant was when Cage left him in a pool of blood. 

Eventually, Brock enters the ring, and the bell rings, starting a TNT Championship match. Luchasaurus took control quickly, and the match went to a PiP commercial break. Luchasaurus won fairly quickly, and after the match, Darby Allin attacked, leading to the dinosaur running for his life. 

Darby picked up a mic and challenged Cage to match next week on Collision. 

Powerhouse Hobbs Interview

Tony Schiavone introduced Hobbs, who addressed the situation between himself and Q. T. Marshall. After talking about the Book of Hobbs, Miro’s music hit. While Miro was entering the arena, he was attacked by Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto. Miro rolled into the ring to defend himself, but Hobbs attacked him and placed the Book of Hobbs on his chest. This left the question of whether Hobbs is still aligned with Q. T. and friends or if he attacked Miro because he was there.

House of Black vs. CMFTR

As usual, CM Punk received mixed reactions from the crowd when he was introduced as “The Real World Champion.” Interestingly, this match wasn’t a House Rules match, the lights were normal, and there weren’t any special rules. Instead, it was a straight-up six-man match. 

After some early battles, Malakai Black and Punk found themselves in the ring together, which really got the crowd going. When the two sat cross-legged across from each other, the crowd went insane. The rest of the competitors backed up their leader, and a brawl broke out, leading to a commercial break.

When we returned from the commercial, the House of Black was firmly in control, with Dax stuck in the ring. He eventually made a hot tag to CM Punk, who ran wild. Punk went to the top rope, but Julia Hart distracted the referee so Black could push Punk off the top. Another commercial break followed, and the House of Black maintained control throughout. 

We came back with Punk taking a beating, unable to get to either member of FTR to make the tag. Eventually, Punk hit a Go To Sleep on Buddy but was too damaged to make the pin. Once Punk tagged in FTR, they went wild on the House of Black, with Cash even hitting a Suicide Dive. 

Julia Hart distracted the ref, which opened the door for Samoa Joe to attack Punk with a Coquina Clutch outside the ring, leading to the House of Black victory. 

Watched the main event. Good match,

And, not to go “full Cornette,” but Punk sitting cross-legged with his chin sticking out in front of a guy who is trying to kick his head off feels like a miscalculation. Might be why his MMA career didn’t work out.