AEW Collision Results: Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker, BCC vs. Starks & Big Bill

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AEW Collision on September 16, 2023, aired live from the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania. 

Opening promos 

Claudio and Danielson opened the show with their quick hype promo. From there, Big Bill, Ricky Starks, Kris Starlander, Britt Baker, the Dark Order, and the Acclaimed took turns promoting their matches.

Big Bill and Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli

Big Bill and Bryan Danielson started the match, and you could really see just how large Bill was standing across from Danielson. After Bill choked Bryan in the corner with his boot, Danielson was tossed into his own corner, where he tagged Claudio Castagnoli. 

Eventually, Bill hit a double clothesline on both opponents and finally tagged Starks into the match. Starks pie-faced Danielson several times, which made The American Dragon angry, giving the BCC their first sustained offense in the match. Leading into the commercial, Big Bill slammed Danielson with a big boot off the top rope to the outside, where Starks attacked while the ref was distracted. 

Ricky Starks with a close two-count!

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Claudio received a hot tag right when the show returned, and he ran wild on Big Bill with European uppercuts. When Bill managed to tag Starks in, Claudio got ahold of him and gave him a big spin for a near fall. Big Bill entered the ring while he had Starks in a Sharpshooter and crushed Claudio’s face with a big boot. Starks catapulted Danielson into the corner, where Big Bill punched him, leading to a spear for another pin attempt. 

While the ref was distracted, Ricky Starks hit a low blow on Danielson and put him down with a Roshambo for the win. 

Mogul Embassy and The Elite promos

Swerve cut a promo on behalf of the Mogul Embassy while the rest of the crew stood beside him. Hangman Page and Young Bucks cut their promo, building the trios match between the two groups set to air on Dynamite Grand Slam.

It's official!#MogulEmbassy will put the #ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles on the line against former champs #HangmanAdamPage & @Youngbucks NEXT FRIDAY at #AEWRampage #AEWGrandslam at 10/9c on TNT!

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Hobbs promo

Hobbs says the next chapter in the Book of Hobbs is titled Destruction and claims that no one is safe.

Miro promo

Mico says he punched Hobbs to heaven and stomped him to hell, but it didn’t make him humble, and for that, they’ll need to meet again later. He yells at his god for delivering his hot flexible wife.

Miro sends an intense message to Powerhouse Hobbs, his Hot and Flexible Wife, and his former God.

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Iron Savages vs. FTR

Jacked Jameson cut the standard Iron Savages promo as the team entered the arena. They’re going to sip sauce and floss. Or lip gloss and hip toss. Something like that. FTR came out next to defend their titles against the Iron Savages, who looked massive next to FTR.

Before the match, Jacked Jameson insulted Dax’s physique and absorbed a Shatter Machine for his troubles. This allowed the Iron Savages to get control of the match early. They kept that dominance for much longer than expected, considering FTR is the Tag Team Champions. However, after failing to hit a moonsault, FTR placed Boulder on the top rope, where they hit a superplex into a splash for the win. 

After the match, the WorkHorsemen entered the ring, apparently challenging FTR to a title match. The crowd chanted “Who are you” at them, so they’re clearly heated up and ready for a title match.

Keith Lee “Take 22”

Keith Lee’s promo started with a production guy clapping and saying, “Collison take 22.” I’m not sure if this was a mistake or if it’s part of some kind of storyline, but it was weird. Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty entered the scene, setting up a match between Lee and Moriarty.

Dark Order’s John Silver vs. Anthony Bowens

Caster rapped on his way to the ring, and I’ll just say it wasn’t his finest work, but the crowd loved it. John Silver took a microphone and said he Googled scissoring, and they’re doing it wrong. This got a huge laugh out of the crowd. He also said their contract banned the Caster and Daddy Ass from ringside. 

Once the match started, Bowens took the upper hand on his smaller opponent and celebrated by scissoring with himself. The pair went back and forth for a few minutes, but Silver took control, leading into the PiP commercial. Silver dominated through the entire break, but he let his guard down for a moment, allowing Bownes to use his strength and speed to get control. The two enhanced forearm shots, and it appeared Silver had more power, but Bownes countered with a spinning shot that dropped Silver. Bowens landed a huge knee, but Silver rolled outside the ring, preventing the pin attempt. 

The ref was distracted momentarily, and Evil Uno came out from under the ring and attacked Bowens, leading to Silver winning the match. 

Eddie Kingston promo

Kingston says he and Claudio go all the way back to 2006. He said Claudio didn’t do business, and he didn’t respect him. Claudio left potholes in the road that everyone else had to clean up. He kept telling them not to edit his words out throughout the promo. He said if Claudio thinks he can pin his shoulder to the mat, he’s out of his mind. Claims New Yorkers are built on misery. Kingston says Claudio is a great wrestler with a great body but isn’t ready for the misery. Kingston promos don’t work in a recap because it’s all about his delivery, and this one was awesome like most of his speaking segments are.

"All of New York has my back!"#ROH World Champion vs. NJPW Openweight Strong Champion

Title vs. Title#BCC’s @ClaudioCSRO vs. New York’s #EddieKingston

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Orange and Hook

Orange Cassidy and Hook are in the back. Cassidy said they should do a tag match or something. Hook said sure. Cassidy said they’ll do it at Grand Slam. Hook said sure. It was exactly what you’d think a promo segment featuring two characters who don’t say much would be, and I loved it. Oh, and they had chips, and Renee Paquette was there.

Aussie Open vs. PB Smooth & Wes Barkley

Aussie Open killed these guys in about 45 seconds.

After the match, they called out FTR, saying they won matches even more quickly than FTR. They compared resumes and said that they wanted a match on October 1 at Wrestle Dream, whether FTR has the belts or not. 

Toni Storm is a star

Toni Storm is the back complaining about the lighting. She said she’s still the same lovable, captivating Toni she’s always been. “These people wouldn’t know talent if slapped their tits off.” This new character she’s doing is great, and she’s fully committed to making it work.

“I haven’t changed! This business has. I’m still the same lovable, captivating Toni that I’ve always been!”

THIS WEDNESDAY, Toni Storm will challenge #AEW Women’s World Champion @Saraya for the Title at #AEWGrandSlam at 8/7c LIVE on TBS!

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Scorpio Sky vs. Andrade El Idolo

Sky came out for his match against Andrade first. El Idolo followed (with his mask back in his possession). Andrade offered a handshake to start the match. They started off with a quick pace, which you’d expect from these two. El Idolo slowed things down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. However, when he went to jump from the top rope onto Sky, Sky countered by pushing him off, leading to a commercial break

The show returned with El Idolo trapped in a chinlock. He escaped and countered a slam from Sky, leading to both competitors hitting the mat. Sky took the upper hand, landing a series of kicks to the grounded Andrade. However, Andrade got up and landed more Dragon Screw Leg Whips. Storm went for a sunset bomb but was unable to land it. He lept over El Idolo and hit a smaller sunset flip into a pinning attempt. When El Idolo rolled out the ring, Sky hit a huge flip dive that damaged his own knee as much as it hurt Andrade. Shortly after, Andrade locked in a figure four, which he bridged into a figure eight, forcing Sky to submit.

After the match, Jay White and the rest of Bullet Club Gold came out with microphones. White asked what town they were in and said he wasn’t there last week, but he watched Andrade watch his boys. Jay White gave everyone penis-related nicknames (including Cardblade) except Austin Gunn, which made Gunn sad. Jay White said he’ll give Andrade the opportunity of a lifetime next week, and if that doesn’t work, they can do it now. As usual, it was a fantastic promo from Jay White. 

Omega and Ibushi video package

We saw a recap showing some of the history between Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, including their matches against each other and as a tag team.

The next target for Don Callis and Takeshita is Kenny Omega’s longtime Tag Team partner and close friend, Kota Ibushi.

Are we witnessing the imminent destruction of the #GoldenLovers?

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Katsuyori Shibata promo

Shibata used translation on his phone to tell us that he would be at Wrestle Dream. 

Hardy Boys vs. The Righteous

Matt and Vincent started the match with Hardy going for an early Side Effect. Matt tagged Jeff into the match, which prompted Dutch to try to interfere, but Jeff pulled the ropes down and sent him out of the ring. Despite his partner flying away, Vincent fought for control of Matt as the show went to a commercial break.

Jeff received a hot tag right as the show returned, and he hit all of his famous offensive maneuvers. Dutch got involved while Vincent was the legal man, taking Matt Hardy out of the equation. This led to them finishing off Jeff, with Vincent pinning the legendary Hardy Boy. 

After the match, Dutch grabbed a microphone and said they’re two believers who seek truth in the liar’s eyes. Vincent said they just defeated one of the greatest tag teams in the world. He talked about false icons, being fooled by the conman, listening to the devil on their shoulder, and so on. He talked about fake friendships and MJF’s fake friendship with Adam Cole. He implied that he wanted a match for the ROH Tag Team titles. 

Ricky Starks is mad

Ricky Starks is mad that he beat Bryan Danielson and that he gets a video package. He’s also mad that he doesn’t have a match at Wrestle
Dream. Starks challenges Danielson to a Texas Death Match next week.

Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander 

This is the first women’s match to be the main event of Collision. However, they didn’t get much time as Britt didn’t start her entrance until 9:48. The bell rang to start the match at around 9:50. After a few minutes of back-and-forth action, Statlander took control as the show went to PiP break.

Collison returned with Kris on the top rope, getting ready for a moonsault, which Baker rolled out of the way of. Nigel said he received word from Khan that they’d keep the broadcast going for as long as necessary to see the end of the match. Britt landed two sling blades, but it wasn’t enough to stop Statlander, who went straight into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Baker landed a stomp, but Statlander kicked out of the pin. While Baker was putting the glove on and setting up for the Lockjaw, Statlander countered with a rollup for a pin. Britt then hit the setup for her submission finisher, but Statlander escaped. 

After a boo/yay back and forth spot, Baker landed a superkick and Statlander a lariat, leading to both wrestlers hitting the mat and getting up before the 10 count. Statlander went for a knee in the corner, but Baker dodged it. She went for a Panama Sunrise but was unable to hit it. She hit her old finisher Angel’s wings and followed up with a stomp, but Statlander kicked out. Britt slapped on a Lockjaw, but Statlander countered by pressing Baker’s shoulders to the mat for the win. 

After the match, they showed Julia Hart watching from the balcony and cut back to the ring, where Statlander helped Baker up while raising her hand as the show went off the air.

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As a fan, I’ll take every Danielson match I get (especially if he’s really winding things down soon). But the above tweet ain’t wrong. Suspect decision unless BD is going to be uncharacteristically safe in a Texas Death Match next week.

Danielson doing gimmick matches is a whole lot less risky than high impact workrate matches.

Stuff like the strap match, and this, are lots of bells and whistles where he can hide behind things to be “safer”. While working ZSJ is something where physically he will be going all in for the match.

Punk would have prevented this :joy: