AEW Collision Results: Semi-Finals of World Title Eliminator, Jade Cargill returns, Danielson challenges ZSJ

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It’s Saturday night, which means it’s time for AEW Collision. The show aired live from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, OH. It’s the second show in the post-CM Punk era, which is enough to make us interested in what’s to come.

Promos are back!

The quick promos are back, and they started with Samoa Joe, then went to Penta, Roderick Strong, and ended with Darby Allin. 


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Jon Moxley vs. Action Andretti for the AEW International Championship

Jon Moxley entered first and cut an inset promo about how the BCC is always ready to fight. Andretti came out second with Darius Martin in tow. When the match started, “Let’s go, Moxley” chants filled the arena. After the match went outside the ring, Andretti was able to hit some of his high-flying offensive moves, but Mox quickly used his power to start dominating again. An impressive springboard 360-degree splash off the bottom rope landed from Andretti, leading both wrestlers outside the ring, where he threw Mox into the steps to lead to the first commercial.

Shortly after returning from the break, Mox hit a suicide dive on Andretti before throwing him into the corner for some punches and a bite to the forehead. Andretti went for a springboard from the top rope, which Moxely countered with a huge cutter that would make Randy Orton proud.

As the match went on, it was clear that the crowd wouldn’t cheer Andretti no matter how impressive his moves were. It didn’t detract from the match, but it was a little awkward when Andretti would play to the crowd and either get booed or greeted with silence.

Thankfully, they seemed to figure it out because Andretti went for the Bryan Danielson stomps, looking up at the crowd with disdain. However, Mox countered quickly into a submission for the win. 

Roderick Strong video package

An incredible video package narrated by Roderick Strong aired about the relationship between Adam Cole and himself. Sad music played in the background while nerdy Roderick poured his soul out. He said he’d win the tournament but still won’t be happy. He just wants his friend back. It was goofy in all the right ways.

Kris Statlander open challenge match

Kris cut a promo before the match, saying she’d defend her title anywhere. Robyn Renegade was already in the ring as the person accepting the open challenge. Statlander started the match with impressive power moves while the commentators discussed the Roderick Strong and Adam Cole situation. Eventually, Charlette Renegade distracted Kris Statlander, giving her sister the upper hand and bringing the commentators back to the match. After some back-and-forth, Statlander hit rollup for the win. 

Charlette Renegade immediately attacked, but Jade Cargil’s music hit, and she made her way to the ring to attack the Renegade twins. Jade helped Statlander up before hitting her with Jaded and holding up the TBS Championship while Smart Mark Sterling stood by Jade’s side.


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Saraya and Ruby Soho’s interview

Renee interviewed Ruby and Saraya, and they discussed Toni Storm losing her mind. Apparently, Storm was using Mayonnaise as a facial cleanser. From there, Saraya says she’ll retain her title at Grand Slam, and the pair leaves.

Eddie and Claudio with Tony

Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli sat in the back with Tony Schiavone, explaining why Eddie’s issue with Claudio. He’s upset Claudio went to the land of make-believe (WWE). Kingston challenged Claudio to a match for the New Japan Open Weight championship in New York, which Claudio accepted as long as Eddie agreed to give him the handshake he didn’t get 15 years ago.

BCG vs. Gravity, Aerostar, and Dios del Inframundo

Cardblade escorted Bullet Club Gold to the ring. The Lucha team didn’t bring a cardboard performer with them, giving the members of Bullet Club Gold a clear advantage. 

Colten Gunn started the match but quickly tagged Juice in. Leading into the first commercial, Juice took control of Gravity, and the heels made a series of tags, keeping Gravity in their corner.

The show returned with BCG still in control. Gravity managed to tag in Dios del Inframundo, but it wasn’t enough to give the babyfaces control, as Dios del Inframundo ate a series of moves from the BCG for the end.

CJ Perry segment

CJ Perry cut a promo (which I lost power during). She talked about trying to surprise Miro and him not being receptive. She said she was the coolest manager in wrestling and wanted to get there again. Perry isn’t using a Russian accent.

“Oh Miro, you really want to go down this path? I respect that but I’m going to have to go down mine!

At #AEWAllOut, Miro’s hot and flexible wife made her shocking debut!

Now she has a message for her husband!

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The Acclaimed promo

A quick The Acclaimed promo to tell everyone about their time with Dennis Rodman. The trio says they’re going to New York next for Grand Slam.

Rey Fenix vs. Angelico

A Rey Fenix and Angelico match sounds like a dream, and I’m devastated I missed it. It sounded like a fun match filled with insane high spots, with Fenix working as the face and Angelico getting plenty of heat. Fenix picked up the win, but it sounds like the exposure was great for Angelico.

Roderick Strong vs. Darby Allin

Roderick Strong defeated Darby Allin. Towards the end of the match, AR Fox accidentally took Nick Wayne out, further developing the storyline between the two Pacific Northwest wrestlers.

BRUTAL outside assault by both Strong & Allin!

Who will move on to the next round?!

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Hobbs video

A quick Hobbs video package aired where he said he took Miro to his limit and that he doesn’t pray but looks to the book of Hobbs for guidance. 

Keith Lee’s backstage promo

Keith Lee cut a promo, saying that he’s solo on Collision now. He mentioned people who were avoiding him (presumably, he means Swerve) and told them to run.

The Righteous promo and video package

The trio of Vincent, Dutch, and Stu Grayson cut a promo over a brief video package calling anyone out and saying those who don’t want to fight them must stay out of their lane. Hopefully, this group gets a push because they’re awesome.

Bryan Danielson promo

Danielson said he’d retire when his daughter was seven, and she’s currently six. He said he won’t go quietly because he would kick everyone’s head in. He said if it’s final year, it’ll be the most epic year of his career. Danielson said he would call his own shots and called out Zach Saber Jr. for the PPV in Seatle on October 1. 

Ricky Starks interrupted with Big Bill in tow. Starks said he was stuck in catering even though he notified everyone after Sunday and that he’d do things Bryan would never do. Starks is no longer hungry, now he’s greedy. Danielson said he saw what was in Ricky Starks, and he approved. He appeared to be about to offer Starks a spot in the BCC, but Big Bill jumped in and attacked. Starks seemed angry, but then he attacked Danielson himself. Mox ran out to make the save, but Big Bill thwarted him. Ultimately, Big Bill and Starks stood tall while Mox and Danielson sold in the ring.

Bryan Danielson is calling his shot!

Seattle, WA
Sunday, Oct 1st
Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr!

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Ricky Starks confronts Bryan Danielson in the middle of the ring!

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Big Bill speaks

Bill talks to Tony Schiavone and says he just beat Moxley’s ass and would do it again to win the International Championship. Fenix says he should be next in line for Mox because they have unfinished business. It was nice to hear Bill Big speak since he’s been more of the quiet muscle lately.

Samoa Joe vs. Penta El Zero M

JR joined the commentary team for the main event between Samoa Joe and Penta. The match started with Penta doing his Cero Miedo pose in Joe’s face, to which Joe responded by headbutting Penta in the face. Strong, Bennet, and Taven were shown in the back, watching the match as Roddy was scheduled to take on the winner in the tournament finals. The two spilled outside the ring, where Penta threw leg kicks at Samoa Joe to ground the larger competitor. It didn’t work, as Joe turned things around, leading to a chop battle against the ring post. Penta pulled a table from under the ring right as the match went to a PiP commercial break.

The show returned with Penta going to the top ropes, but Joe dodged and landed a lariat to take Penta off his feet. Joe grabbed a headlock, but Penta managed to fight out. Joe took control again, locking another submission hold on Penta, and they cut backstage to show Roderick and company again. Taven appeared to be giving Strong a neck massage through the brace, which I have to imagine was having minimal effect.

The near falls started with Penta dropping Joe in the corner. He followed up with a superkick, but Joe countered with a huge scoop slam for his own near fall. Penta landed a series of enzuigiri kicks into a corner kick, but Joe survived. Penta went for his arm breaker, but Joe escaped and hit a big senton on Penta. Penta landed a huge flip dive to the outside on Samoa Joe right as the clock hit 10 PM. He went for another one, but Joe did his patented walk away as Penta flew by and through a table that was propped against the barricade. After returning to the ring, Joe locked on a Coquina Clutch, and Penta tapped, leaving Samoa Joe to face Roderick Strong on Dynamie next week, with the winner facing MJF at Arthur Ashe for Grand Slam.

This Wednesday Night on #AEWDynamite, the #AEW Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament finals will be @roderickstrong vs. #ROH World TV Champion @SamoaJoe.

Winner will face @The_MJF for the #AEW World Title at #AEW Grand Slam on Wed, Sept 20th!


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