AEW Collision Results: Tony Khan addresses CM Punk's firing, Bryan Danielson returns, Dennis Rodman

Originally published at AEW Collision Results: Tony Khan addresses CM Punk's firing, Bryan Danielson returns

AEW Collision is popping off live from the United Center in Chicago, IL. The show has some serious competition with WWE Payback airing simultaneously, but this is the first episode since the firing of CM Punk, which could draw some interested fans to see if there’s fallout from the day’s events. Plus, there’s Dennis Rodman, because why not?

Tony Khan opens the show

AEW GM @TonyKhan opens #AEWCollision

— AEW on TV (@AEWonTV) September 3, 2023

Tony Khan basically echoed the statement made by the company on Twitter. He said he’s been going to wrestling shows for over 30 years and has been running AEW for four years. He said it was the first time he’d ever felt unsafe at a wrestling show, and based on an outside legal counsel, he had to terminate Phil Brooks (CM Punk) with cause. Khan cited how amazing last week was for the company and threw to a video package covering All In.

Collision opening video 

As you’d expect, CM Punk was edited out of the Saturday Night video package.

Ricky Starks issues challenge

Tony Schiavone opened the show, introducing Ricky Starks. We saw highlights of Ricky Starks whipping Ricky Steamboat (with no visible shots of CM Punk) as Starks made his way to the ring with Big Bill. Schiavone asked Starks if he was out of his mind, which prompted Starks to take the microphone. Starks said he’s tired of starting over but does it because he always shows up. He said Big Bill can do whatever he wants because he overcame addiction and started over. Starks complains that he couldn’t be on All-In because he was suspended. 

The whole promo had a very babyface feel to it, which is odd, considering he was out there to challenge a 70-year-old man to a match. 

Eventually, Starks called out Ricky Steamboat for a response, and Steamboat ran down to the ring to answer. Steamboat said he heard on social media that Ricky Starks wants to have a strap match with him. He said he has a contract for a strap match that says Ricky Starks vs. The Dragon (it didn’t say Ricky Steamboat). Once Starks signed the contract, Bryan Danielson’s music hit (The American Dragon), and he took the spot on the contract earmarked for The Dragon. 

Starks said that if this is the bed he lays in, he will ensure he’s comfortable. It’s also worth noting that Bryan Danielson wore a BCC jacket to the ring, so he appears to be affiliated with the group.

.@StarkmanJones thought he was fighting one dragon… but Bryan Danielson had other plans#AEWCollision

— AEW on TV (@AEWonTV) September 3, 2023

Mox promo

Jon Moxley cut a promo about how 31 men before him couldn’t beat Orange Cassidy. He praised Cassidy and said he’s not a cosplay wrestler. Mox said the chance to beat someone on the run of a lifetime like Orange Cassidy only comes once in a lifetime. He said he wouldn’t target a body part, but he would target Cassidy’s soul and his will to be in wrestling. Mox asks if Orange will look for a way out when it gets hard and tells him not to disappoint us on Sunday.

“Orange Cassidy, when it gets hard, and it’s really going to get hard, will you look for a way out?”@JonMoxley sends #AEW International Champion @OrangeCassidy a haunting message before their match TOMORROW at #AEWAllOut, LIVE on PPV!

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The scraps of the JAS vs. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass

Yo, listen. The rap had a Tim Anderson reference, a claim that Daddy Magic wants to lick Max’s balls, and a shot at them for being so bad Jericho ditched them. It was a decent enough rap but nothing special.

Anthony Bownes and Cool Hand Ange started the match, but Daddy Ass and Daniel Garcia quickly made tags to get in on the action. The Acclaimed looked like they might lose early via submission, but just before the first commercial break, Billy Gunn broke up the hold and saved Bowens. 

When the show returned, the heels still had the heat on Bowens. He managed to hit an enzuigiri and make the hot tag to Max Caster, who ran wild. It didn’t last long, as the heels took control briefly before Caster made another hot tag to Billy Gunn, ultimately leading to The Acclaimed and Daddy ass hitting some triple-team offense to win the match and retain their titles.

After the match, the trio used the scissors on the end of their custom titles to scissor each other in celebration.

Dark Order promo

The Dark Order cut a promo on MJF and Adam Cole. They said they needed the ROH Tag Team titles more than MJF and Cole, and they’ll win because they have to. There was nothing wrong with the promo, but it would take a lot more than a 30-second spot to convince anyone that they would beat the hottest tag team in the company.

"Tomorrow Night, we do whatever it takes to beat you because we have to!"#DarkOrder's John Silver and Alex Reynolds are determined to win the #ROH World Tag Team Titles TOMORROW at #AEWAllOut, LIVE on PPV!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

Ricky Starks and Big Bill backstage

Ricky Starks said he would be Absolute Ricky Starks and would beat Danielson no matter what obstacles they put in his way.

Aussie Open vs. Nick Wayne and Komander 

Mark Davis and Nick Wayne started the match, though the tags started happening quickly, with both teams swapping in and out frequently. Komander started hitting impressive moves early, but Davis and Kyle Fletcher used some sneaky tags to take control of the luchador going into the commercial break.

The hot tag to Nick Wayne came almost immediately following the commercial, and Wayne hit plenty of impressive moves, including a huge Eddie frog splash from the top rope. Wayne managed to beat down both members of Aussie Open for a while, but when he was caught jumping off the top rope right into a Coriolis for the finish.

After the match, Nick Wayne was greeted by Tony Schiavone. Wayne said that he was frustrated by Darby Allin forgiving AR Fox, which prompted Darby to come down to explain his actions. Darby said he burnt the bridge with Buddy Wayne and wished he could have made things right with Buddy before he passed away. He said he couldn’t carry the same hate towards AR Fox, so he had to forgive him.

Christian’s music hit because he heard someone talking about a dead father and knew it was his time to shine. Cage said it was rude of him to speak about Wayne’s dad without asking for his mom’s name. He said he’ll slide into his mom’s DMs. Christian called Nick Wayne Allin’s personal pity project and said he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He buried the Chicago Blackhawks, then told Nick Wayne to bring a towel to the ring to throw in for Darby after Luchasaurus destroys him.

Forever classy is Christian Cage.

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

Claudio and Wheeler

Claudio congratulates Eddie for beating Wheeler Yuta, and then he uppercuts Yuta many times for fun. He said he couldn’t lose any more respect for Eddie Kingston. They cut to Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata, where Eddie said Claudio was scared of him. Shibata used Siri on his phone to say, “You both suck,” and the show went to commercial.

Saraya and Ruby

Saraya said that she was awesome and then buried Chicago. Ruby Soho said Kris Statlander has never beaten her since she’s been in AEW and that she’s going to bring two titles to The Outcasts. Ruby said she saw Toni Storm in the parking lot throwing shoes at birds but that Storm will be fine.

Tony Schiavone and Dennis Rodman

Schiavone had a busy night interviewing people in every other segment, and the trend continued with him introducing Dennis Rodman. Rodman entered the arena with white Crocks on his feet. Before Rodamn could speak, Jeff Jarrett’s music hit, and the whole crew came down. JJ appeared to be trying to recruit Dennis Rodman to his little crew. The best line was JJ saying Karen looked great in a dress, and so did Rodman. He asked him to join, and Rodman responded that it was his first time in Chicago in 13 years. 

Jeff Jarrett has extended an invitation to Dennis Rodman to join his 'family'

Watch #AEWCollision LIVE on TNT!@dennisrodman | @RealJeffJarrett | @TheLethalJay | @hellosatnam

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

Sonjay Dutt tells everyone else to get out of the ring and offers Rodman a handshake. Rodman tosses Dutt, and the heels appear ready to attack before The Acclaimed’s music hits, and they come out and issue a challenge to fight them right now. Daddy Ass says he can’t fight twice in one night, but he offers a match for the Trios titles against Jeff Jarrett and company at All Out on Sunday. He also said Dennis Rodman will be in their corner.

Shane Taylor and Samoa Joe promos

AEW showed a Shane Taylor video package over a promo where he said he’ll return to being the man in ROH and take the title from Samoa Joe. Joe then cuts a promo saying that this is a tale of hopes and wishes and that Shane Taylor hopes to perform well, but he’s going to wish he wasn’t standing across from Joe. As always, it was an awesome promo from Joe, and putting it in writing will never do it justice.

Will Samoa Joe crush Shane Taylor's hope TOMORROW NIGHT when they go one-on-one for the #ROH World Television Title at #AEWAllOut, LIVE on PPV!

Watch #AEWCollision LIVE on TNT!@shane216taylor | @SamoaJoe

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

The Outcasts vs. Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Kris Statlander

Toni Storm was a little late for the entrance, but she trailed behind the rest of the Outcasts for a trios match against Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Kris Statlander. The babyfaces each initially came out to their own song and then made their way to the ring to Statlander’s music. 

Statlander started the match against Storm. The pair engaged in an intense lockup and an exchange of power spots. Shida and Soho went at it briefly before Saraya got involved, leading into a commercial break.

The Outcasts controlled Shida through the entire break, tagging in and out and working as a unit. Shida gained the upper hand when the show returned, and she made the hot tag to Statlander. 

Statlander had Saraya down for a pin. Toni Storm attempted to break up the pin, but Statlander got out of the way, leading to Storm jumping on Saraya. However, this didn’t lead to the finish as Saraya sprayed Britt in the eyes, and Ruby pinned her for the win. 

Adam Cole Bay Bay

Adam Cole cut a brief promo on the Dark Order before reading a promo written by MJF from his phone. Eventually, he got to a line from MJF that he said was too disgusting to repeat. 

Kris Statlander promo

Statlander said Ruby couldn’t win without her friends. Soho came into the shot and started yelling before Saraya stepped in and told Kris to shut up and that Ruby would see her tomorrow.

TBS Champion Kris Statlander and Ruby Soho exchange fighting words before their match TOMORROW NIGHT at #AEWAllOut, LIVE on PPV!

Watch #AEWCollision LIVE on TNT!@callmekrisstat | @RealRubySoho

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

Powerhouse Hobbs fights education

Powerhouse Hobbs has a squash match against GPA. He beat him in seconds and pointed to the All Out sign. Miro’s music played, and The Redeemer came out to fight with Hobbs. He sprinted to the ring, and the two went back and forth with heavy striking exchanges. Eventually, Miro clotheslined Hobbs over the ropes, which prompted Hobbs to pull Miro out of the ring and throw him onto the steps. Miro got the upper hand again, and Hobbs escaped through the crowd.

Orange Cassidy must speak

He doesn’t like talking, but Orange Cassidy said this weekend is everything he worked for. Talked about his first singles match against Pac, where he proved he belonged in AEW. He said Mox is best and talked about him picking the company up when it was down. Cassidy said he would take the weight off Moxley’s shoulders and put it on his. 

#AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy has had some of the most memorable moments of his career in Chicago. Will he make another one TOMORROW NIGHT when he faces Jon Moxley for the Title at #AEWAllOut?

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023

Jay White (the human, not the cardboard cutout) vs. Dax Harwood

The match started off fairly standard, but Jay White slipped outside the ring to his buddies when Dax got some offense in, leading to a commercial break. 

Despite being a babyface, Dax used the ropes during a submission hold for extra leverage, which the ref caught. White threw Harwood into the corner, and he fell out of the ring, leading to The Gunns and Robinson circling Dax. Cash picked up a chair to scare them off, and Dax rolled back into the ring to continue the fight with Jay White. Harwood went for a huge springboard into the corner, but White dodged and countered with a DDT, giving control of the contest for a while. Eventually, Dax fought back and hit a superplex from the top. He then tried a diving headbutt and missed, leading to White gaining control going into the PiP break.

Dax attempted to go the top rope again, but Switchblade escaped by climbing under the ropes before Harwood could jump. After the pair ended up outside the ring, Switchblade hit a dragon screw leg whip as Dax attempted to get back in, giving him control of the match again. Dax Harwood hit a huge piledriver on Jay White near the end of the match, but White kicked out at the last moment. A series of near falls followed, including a huge slingshot powerbomb from Harwood on White. While the heels were distracting Harwood, White hit a Switchblade on Dax outside of the ring. Dax went for a desperation pin attempt, but White kicked out and hit another Switchblade for the finish.

After the match, the heels circled the heels like hyenas, but the Young Bucks made the save before having a staredown with the Bucks. The Young Bucks extended their hands for a shake, but FTR walked away, returning the favor from Wembley. 

The Young Bucks came to the aid of FTR post-match…But, the handshake was ignored once again!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 3, 2023