AEW crowd turns - The Cody Situation

It’s almost unfathomable that one of the biggest stars 2 years ago and arguably the biggest face at ALL IN and is now getting booed despite still being a face.

Yes, while the AEW audience usually does what the organization wants they definitely went full “WWE in Toronto” mode against the grain a little cheering the heel in the Cody Rhodes match last night.

Why this is happened is likely the attributable to a number of things - the popularity of Malachi black, the bungling of recent Cody feuds with losers like QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo, the very pro American gimmick of Cody Rhodes that seems archaic, and frankly a less than interesting in-ring style from Cody versus others.

Anyway you slice it, the AEW audience has clearly spoken and this should lead to an inevitable heel turn from Cody.

How do you book Cody from here? I think the heel turn to happen and him feuding with someone like CM punk would be pretty cool.

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For years people have said that Cody’s character is really a heel deep down. I think it’s the culmination of that.

I think there are more opportunities as a heel for him right now, and think Punk would definitely be an interesting match-up. There are more faces I’d like to seem him work against than heels, that’s for sure.

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I said to Braden sitting next to me that this should lead to an inevitable jealousy angle of Punk since Punk is having a Love affair with the fans the way Cody had one early in AEWs launch run



Out of top guys who can hold the title most (Page, Pubk, Bryan, Mox, Jericho, Jungle Boy) are all faces. Only heels are really Omega, MJF and Miro and possibly Black but he gets more a face reaction now.

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I also think that Omega will probably take some time off after he eventually drops the title. So right there is a spot. I can also see rivalries with people Cody previously worked with, with the dynamic flipped - namely Sammy and Darby.

There is no way they booked that match for NYC expecting Cody to get a face reaction.

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Yeah it was pretty obvious they booked that knowing full well that Cody would get heel heat - wearing the American get up and bringing out Brandy is mega heat.

I’d like to see Cody go after Sting to establish himself as a heel. He can talk about how Sting led to the death of WCW and that he kissed Vince/HHH’s ass to get a job and was made to look like a fool. Also that he doesn’t deserve to be in AEW.

Sting can be reluctant to fight at first but then gets pissed off enough after weeks of needling and goes after Cody.

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He dresses like Homelander. I think its fucking great that he’s this delusional guy that thinks he’s a babyface. He needs to start doing more heel stuff and being a real piece of shit and still think he’s a babyface.


I actually thought they might really lean into the heel turn and let him beat Malakai last night. You might argue it hurts Malakai to take a loss right now, but it would have really cemented Cody as a heel, especially in those fans’ eyes. Plus it could set up a rubber match on PPV for Black to get the win back.

I mean…does Cody really need to officially turn? He’s pretty much in the classic Cena spot, except he’s actually being positioned to help newer heels (MJF, Black, etc) get over. If they’re able to keep writing him off (to do his TV shows but in kayfabe because a heel put him out of commission), then he doesn’t always have to avenge his losses upon his return. I’m not saying that an official heel turn won’t ever be advantageous, but why bother when everyone’s focused on what a badass Black looked like last night?

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I dunno to me the booking of guys like Black is getting pretty predictable and a bit boring. You can’t just have every new big signee win every match for six months or it gets kinda bland… for me at least. I am finding this issue with Punk, Andrade, Bryan, and Black currently all in roles where they are seemingly undefeatable every time they hit the ring. Last night felt like an opportunity to genuinely surprise people with a loss for Black (without burying him, and with a long term vision for him to win in the end), and really solidify Cody as a heel.

I can only imagine what the feedback would be if Cody came back and beat Black.
And then we’d be in line for the grudge match.

I for one am perfectly fine with letting guys get wins and be strong upon arrival since they are only just beating other protected names of equal value. Also, please NO 50/50 bullshit and endless rematches.

And before somebody says Jericho and MjF. That wasn’t 50/50 and didn’t result in 3 more months of matches to get to 50/50.

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Cody has always been a heel. He’s like the douche in the 80’s movies, whom the nerd has to race down the ski slope, in order the save the lodge. Blonde, super cocky, lives in a mansion, has the crappy tattoo on his neck, wrestles with a slow, old-school/ often-times boring technique.

As for Punk’s feud, I rather see Punk feud with Adam Cole. Both great on the mic.