AEW Dark Matches - Hikaru Shida vs Leyla Hirsch

I like cherry picking matches on Dark. Yesterday I watched Evil Uno and Stu vs Top Flight. Good match. A lot of spot monkeying. They still have the same problem. They don’t do enough squashes though. When you’ve got an established team like Dark Order and young talents, dark order shoudn’t give that much. I mean Top Flight even got a proper hot tag, it doesn’t make sense to me.

But the best match I’ve watched was Hikaru vs Leyla. That match was Dynamite worthy. Loved it and I’m not a big Hikaru Shida fan. I think she needs the right opponents.

It was actually better than any women’ match on Dynamite in a long time.

I was going to write that but then I thought is it too much ? Happy that you agree.

Hey - two nights in a row and two good matches for Hirsch. Sure, she was matched up against great talent (two champions, BTW), but non the less. She’s still rough around the edges, but I really like her style and attitude in the ring. Sure, she’s a bit short, but it works great with her physique.

Hirsch is a talent to watch. She’s had a phenomenal run on the indies over the last year or so, and it is just a matter of time before she breaks out.