AEW & DDT Pro Wrestling reach agreement to bring DDT talents to the USA

Originally published at AEW & DDT Pro Wrestling reach agreement to bring DDT talents to USA

AEW and DDT’s new agreement.

DDT Pro Wrestling celebrated their 25th anniversary on 3/20 with an event at Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. AEW’s Michael Nakazawa was in action and Christopher Daniels appeared via video to make an announcement.

Daniels, Vice President of Talent Relations at AEW, stated that DDT and All Elite Wrestling have reached an agreement to bring DDT talents to the USA. He added that he is looking forward to bringing over the top talent from the promotion.

This is Christopher Daniels and I am the Vice President of Talent Relations for All Elite Wrestling and I’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to DDT on their 25th anniversary and I’d like to also announce that AEW and DDT have come to an agreement to bring DDT’s wrestlers to the United States of America and I for one, am looking forward to introducing the top talent from DDT to the American wrestling fan base. So until that time… and we will see you soon.


AEWのレスラー人事担当責任者、クリストファー・ダニエルズ @facdaniels からメッセージが到着!

「AEWは今後DDTのレスラーのみなさんを起用していくことを発表いたします。素晴らしい選手たちを米国のファンに紹介することを楽しみで待ち切れないです」#JudgementDDT#ddtpro #AEW

— DDT ProWrestling (@ddtpro) March 20, 2022

DDT’s Konosuke Takeshita debuted for All Elite Wrestling in 2021. He competed on a house show and on Dark: Elevation.

In early January, CyberFight President Sanshiro Takagi stated that in 2022, DDT would be focusing the majority of their attention on overseas markets.

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Fuck. Yes. Please.

Hope it’s just all of Cyber Fight, I don’t watch DDT at all but would love to see Noah guys show up!

Tony Kahn is making Pro Wrestling what I think Soccer is. Full of leagues and places for players to go play. It’s been awesome to see develop.

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and it makes so much sense. How much more exciting would Seth Rollins be if he disappeared for 12 months then showed up at next years Royal Rumble unannounced. It’s so hard to book someone well for multiple years and still be excited to see them week in week out

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