AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING: Inner Circle wins, Mark Henry arrives, Jungle Boy earns shot, Baker new champion

The casino Battle Royale is always clunky.

At least they used the opportunity to give a homegrown guy a “moment”.

Three matches in, and it’s been a perfect, if not near-perfect, show.

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Not the best battle royal, but not the worst either. Nice tease with Christian entering #1. I thought for sure he was winning, so it was nice that it was just a tease and Jungle Boy was a great choice to win.

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Please give us Ivan Drago vs Appolo Creed right now.

No debate from me, great show so far

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I like Ogogos version of the Peoples Elbow…the Peoples Wanker.

That match just didn’t work. Total miss

That…was a pretty confusing match construct.

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I don’t think anybody wanted to see the match.
It was a serviceable undercard / midcard match. Again, nothing anybody asked for. Seemed like just a random match to get Cody on the card.

Should have given the spot to Dustin / Comoroto in a bull rope match.

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Glad Cody won. Too many people saying Ogogo should win and it would have made no sense. This guy should not be beating Cody in his 3rd match.

I mean, if he’s supposed to be a threat, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with beating Cody. Cody is perhaps the most locked-into-a-level wrestler on Earth right now. His wins and losses mean nothing on his end anymore. That group is just made even more toothless without Ogogo breaking out.


Cody is a MUCH better Captain America than John Walker. I can say that for sure.


I don’t know, where does he go now? Cody took his punch several times and still won clean. Seems DOA now

Still don’t buy Cody as a babyface. He’s a heel without the major turn.

He’s male face Lacey Evans in this role. But he can’t do the cosplaying stuff for cheers if he’s a heel.

Why is he a threat? He’s a rookie wrestler, whose finishing move is a punch, that he couldn’t hit. It’s not like he hit his move and Cody kicked out.

I guess I don’t understand why you would have that match if you’re not making a threat out of him. Then it just existed because Cody wanted to do a little jingoism this month.

Miro/Archer was ok, but it made me think wasn’t Archer doing something with Sting? That’s been dumped

I’m glad they didn’t do the Sting match after the last 3 matches as I was just about to assume. They need a killer one right now and the women’s match should do it.

Didn’t he hit his move at least twice? It’s just basically a punch to the gut. I just don’t understand building a guy up like this to lose to someone who doesn’t need a win

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That is exactly what it was. Something for Cody. That’s all. Ogogo has time to be built.

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