AEW Double or Nothing Live Discussion Thread (Not a contest)


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Stoked on you starting the thread. Anyone have ideas on whom is winning the Casino Royal and facing Omega/Jericho? Tbh, it’s probably going to be Hangman Page and the whole knee injury is a work.


Hangman Page would be considered a great start.

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I’m pumped!!! Different feeling than All In. I was so happy for All In just to be happening. This one, I am nervous to see how it comes off and hopefully it doesn’t feel amateur. It’s gotta be better than ROH and can’t be a WWE knock off. I have a ton of faith in these guys to deliver, but on the first show you never know.

Heading to wath with some guys I met Mania weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys and stays positive!


I know everyone is thinking Moxley, but I don’t have any ideas. This is where i’m a little confused. Is the title match happening tonight, or for a future event? Depending on the scheduling of matches, I’m pushing for Dustin Rhodes/Runnels to get the first AEW title win.

This is such a shit-show and it’s awesome!!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has star written all over him. He could be one hell of a heel in the future.

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Marvez is a step slower than Excalibur and I worry JR will be 2 steps slower

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Yeah, I am really not looking forward to this commentary. No animation from Marvez whatsoever.

The tease into the “Buck-shot” was awesome!! Btw, I hope they put Page over. Both Omega and Jericho don’t need the title or recognition.

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Rough production night

Camera work is really poor. Hopefully picks up

That Go-Home to the pre show was a real goosebumps moment. But it got cut short and that’s a shame.

I marked as hard as I’ve ever marked for something when they did BTE live. I honest to god hope that’s part of the weekly show - it was slick, and had exactly the same charm. Felt like a HS Drama in terms of TV production.

Hey!!! First crowd cameo of the night!

Best Meltzer Ever gonna get em mad

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What y’all think of JR and Excalibur so far? I think they mix pretty decently together.

Awesome Kong!!!


They’ll find the chemistry

Production problems aside, I’m so happy that there’s going be another legit pro wrestling company running along side or against WWE.

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The crowd has been loud. The excitement has translated and this is a PWG meets NXT caliber of in ring.

One thing I’m not into was the showing of the title on the girl first to enter the 3 v 3. (Sorry don’t know her name).
They haven’t established titles outside of saying the AAA title is being defended. So my nit pick is shouldnt show any other as it can confuse you who’s the women’s champion.