AEW Dynamite experiences 18% drop in key demo, lowest since running unopposed

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AEW Dynamite posted its lowest demo figure since running unopposed on Wednesday nights.

It was not a good number for Dynamite with 870,000 viewers and 344,000 (0.26) in the 18-49 demographic, as reported by Wrestlenomics. For whatever reason, Dynamite was not included in Showbuzz Daily’s Wednesday chart.

We don’t know its ranking because the World Cup soccer games were not part of Showbuzz’s chart either. Dynamite ran against back-to-back college basketball games on ESPN, which averaged 1.27 million and 0.44 in the demo for the early game and 1.63 million and 0.55 for the late game.

Dynamite dropped 1% in viewership and 18% in the demo from last week’s episode on Thanksgiving Eve, which was a much tougher night than this week. Dynamite also declined 14% among adults 18-34 and fell 21% among adults 35-49.

It was Dyamite’s lowest 18-49 audience in its normal Wednesday slot since running unopposed after NXT moved to Tuesdays in April 2021.

After posting its lowest female 18-49 audience of the year last week, this week it grew 9% and tied the June 13th episode for the second lowest of 2022 in that category.

Males 18-49 dropped 26% this week after doing a great figure last week, which beat that week’s episode of Raw in the same demo.

In 18-34, the male decrease was 20% while females grew by 8%.

In 35-49, males dropped by 30% and women were up by 10%.

On TSN 2 in Canada, the show averaged 59,000 viewers and 37,000 in the 25-54 demographic. We don’t get the French language viewers but the show was not listed on the schedule this week for RDS Info, so was likely just available by streaming in French. This week’s viewership on TSN 2 was up from last week’s numbers of 48,000 and 20,000 in the demo, although last week’s episode aired on TSN 3 instead of the normal station. This week’s Dynamite didn’t finish among the top ten sports programs on Wednesday, which continue to be dominated by World Cup coverage and included the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors playing games that night.

I feel like they should have MJF appear the Dynamite after Full Gear and essentially hit fans over the head that a new champ = a new ear for the show. I feel like Dynamite should have opened the show with the Moxley and Regal & Danielson segment, build throughout the night that New World Champ, MJF would appear then closed show with the same angle with Regal (and Danielson) to build intrigue for this weeks show.

I always feel my biggest gripe with AEW Dynamite is it’s doesn’t have that strong storyline hook to grab the viewers to see what happens next. They haven’t had that in a while.

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I think this is basically it. Since Punk beat Hangman. Punk got injured, so plans got reshuffled. The entire summer was very month to month. Heading into All Out, they seemed like they were setting up several things (The Firm & MJF vs. Punk, the Trios division). Of course all that shit went down and basically here we are now. I feel like the build to Full Gear was making the most of a shitty situation.

I am hoping they can get back on track with a few big stories. I also am thinking Winter is Coming will set up then next little bit. Winter is Coming is always a big show and I think there will be clear directions coming out of it. But they also need to win their audience back to a degree.

I’m also hopeful by the end of the month we will know about ROH’s direction, and, perhaps the long rumoured All Elite Women project.

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I know I’m becoming a broken record, but when you have Battle of the Belts (four of them?), Beach Break, St. Patrick’s Day Slam, Slam Dunk, Wild Card Wednesday, the Dynamite Anniversary Show, Road Rager, Blood & Guts, Fyter Fest, Fight for the Fallen, Quake by the Lake, Grand Slam, the AEW Anniversary Show, Title Tuesday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Eve, Winter is Coming, Holiday Bash and New Year’s Smash… you’ve basically turned a regular edition of Dynamite or Rampage into a “B” show.


Let’s not overreact to one bad number. The MJF segment wasn’t that good, it was boring and and in while the ending was shocking, it wasn’t his best work. Also, having the Elite go on last, when you kind of know, they have to win and you’ve seen the match twice already isn’t the best idea. I think if you’re doing your best of seven the match has to be in the middle of the show unless it’s the seventh match.

They didn’t have Jericho, they didn’t really hook m with a big Moxley match. Danielson vs Dax is a great match but like you know who’s gonna win.

Ultimately, it wasn’t that strong as show, the MJF segment may have actually caused people to tune out when it dragged, and they had one bad number. I think they will rebound. Let’s not pretend the sky is falling


I agree with you, but I also feel they need a few weeks to establish some direction heading into the new year. Wrap up Final Battle, get on the other side of Winter is Coming. We will have a clear picture of their current roster (Elite back, Hangman back, etc), and stories will pick up.


Good or bad, I never allow a single number to sway my perspective of a company. If this goes on for months and it keeps trending down, then I’d be concerned. For now. I think they will be just fine.

With that said, the company should use this as motivation to tend in the other direction.

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Completely disagree on this. Having only four or five PPVs means you need some more special shows.

Otherwise you turn into RAW with “poker” segments and long matches in front of silent crowds (like last night).

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