AEW Dynamite falls to lowest numbers in over a year, #2 on cable

Originally published at AEW Dynamite falls to lowest numbers in over a year, #2 on cable

AEW Dynamite sustained a deep decline on Wednesday with its lowest figures in over a year.

The June 15th ‘Road Rager’ edition of Dynamite from St. Louis averaged 761,000 viewers and approximately 365,000 (0.28) in the 18-49 demographic, according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics and Showbuzz Daily.

AEW Dynamite last night on TBS:
761,000 viewers
P18-49: 0.28


— Brandon Thurston (@BrandonThurston) June 16, 2022

It was the show’s lowest overall viewership in its regular time slot since April 7, 2021, and the lowest 18-49 audience in the slot since May 19, 2021. Those numbers represented decreases of 19 and 18 percent respectively from the prior week.

Despite the significant drop, Dynamite finished second among cable originals behind Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Their ranking was boosted by the NHL playoffs moving to ABC, where Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs averaged 4.2 million viewers and 1.33 rating in 18-49.

Dynamite also was affected by the increased audiences for cable news programming covering the January 6th hearings with Fox News occupying five of the top ten cable rankings.

Dynamite was hit exceptionally hard among its female demographics with 12-34 down by 36 percent and 18-49 dropping by 27 percent.

Adults 50+ decreased by 22 percent to a 0.28 rating – their lowest number in that category since moving to TBS.

In Canada, the show also took a hit with a 25 percent drop in overall viewership with an average of 75,000 along with 37,700 in the 25-54 demographic on TSN 2 against the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The show was promoted around a ladder match involving Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks, a Hair versus Hair match between Chris Jericho and Ortiz, Will Ospreay’s first singles match in AEW, and a face-to-face segment involving Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

I think that everything about the way they are presenting TV since the last PPV has turned off viewers for this cycle. The rush into a new show, featuring a ton of talent that most of the audience isn’t familiar with, isn’t creating a compelling reason to tune in.

I feel this week was likely an anomaly after two very strong weeks, but I do believe some drop off is occurring due to the messy build for Forbidden Door.

Good thing Blood and Guts will be the week after Forbidden Door, and will likely set-up a ton of things for the summer.


Hopefully after Forbidden Door, they can get things back on track and refocus on themselves.

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Also you have to think that the idea that Okada won’t be there is a huge problem. I know the minute he lost to Jay White I had no interest in tuning in anymore

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Even on just the AEW side. This build is being done without Punk and Bryan (thus far). No Omega. A confusing story for Hangman. Now no Hardys (not a bad thing). No MJF for now. No Joe.

The way the shows have been structured are completely different than all previous shows prior to this cycle.

I fully believe they’ll be structuring Blood and Guts like a big summer launching point. I see that show as being full of big angles. But it’ll be a rough couple of weeks.

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It’s just sad and unfortunate with injuries coming up at a bad time. But I’ll personally still enjoy it live here in Chicago anyway.

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Oh, I have no doubt it will be an incredible show. I will be watching for sure.
I just think the TV to get there hasn’t been the best, that’s all.

I don’t get no Okada. I literally have no reason to see this unless they confirm Zach vs Bryan. Like how can you not have Okada and pretend Jay White is as big a draw?

Especially with no Ibushi, Punk, Omega already

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I actually watched hockey over Dynamite last night. It’s a great final and AEW tv has been really hit or miss and is lacking the big stars (Punk, Bryan, MJF, Omega, etc.)

I also think they’re vastly over estimating how much the average fan cares about NJPW. Especially when you’re missing many of the top guys (Okada, Ibushi, Naito, etc)


Had both screens up last night and that was a damn good game tho.

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He’s gonna become a father within the next few weeks. While I’m disappointed, I understand he has other priorities.

Ill be honest, I haven’t watched that much this past month as I don’t really care that much about NJPW. I watch a show here and there, but I dont follow it. Im sure there are many fans like me, not to mention fans that know nothing about NJPW.

You’re missing out on great Japanese wrestling, mate!!! :laughing: jk

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Not to be nit picky which isn’t my point. Fox isn’t airing the Jan 6th hearings so yeah, that alone caught my eye for no wrestling reason whatsoever. Sorry for this interruption.

(obligatory Never Forget Linda fundraised for the PAC that organized rallies in DC on Jan 6th)

I have a hard time getting into it. I get the in-ring is awesome, but I just dont care. I think not watching the week to week just takes me out of it.

I was a huge fan fan but lately it’s just the same old shit over and over. Same singles matches, same 36 minute Okada main events where you can ignore the first 20 minutes, it’s just the same thing. Nothing new or exciting. Like we saw Jay and Okada a million times already.

Overall this PPV seems lackluster. No Okada or Ibushi and no Punk or Omega really hurts.

They are wasting Osprey on pockets.

Really they NEED zack vs Bryan

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Can someone explain this to like I’m a five year old?

They took a huge hit but we’re still the second most watched original? Was this a glitch? Was nobody watching TV bc it’s too hot.

I find it hard to believe the Jan 6 stuff would hurt that much.

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That’s the breakdown of last night’s cable ratings.

It wasn’t the second most total viewers, but second highest in the most desirable ad demo. Which is how Networks and Cable channels are ranked.

Wrestling always preforms very high, regardless of total viewership.

As a result, WWE and AEW are very desirable products for their homes. Hence the always increasing right’s fees for the shows.


No one was watching cable TV. I’m not sure network numbers were down as the NHL did well.

I think the general opinion is the NJPW stuff is hot to live crowd but maybe not to the TV crowd. Especially without Okada etc.

I agree it will pop once BG is back and it’s more AEW focused.

I think a lesson for them as if they want to do this new Japan pro wrestling stuff again they need to spend time developing the Japanese stars by showing us what a big deal they are (ie videos etc) Not everyone watching on TV has any idea who Jay Whitw is

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They just need more titles. And tournaments. And tournaments for titles. And then interim titles which lead to more tournaments for titles.

And MJF.