AEW Dynamite: Homecoming Review | REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 1/10/24

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review the Homecoming edition of AEW Dynamite with Sting & Darby Allin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs & Konosuke Takeshita.

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Plus: Ricky Starks takes on Sammy Guevara, Claudio Castagnoli vs. Hangman Page, and an eight-man and eight-woman tag in honor of Brodie Lee.


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Sorry about my feedback and sidetracking. haha.

That said, thank you @johnpollock and @wai0937 for responding to my comments (although I know you’ve avoided reading any of my critiquing of Hausman himself in all of this - and given relationships, I understand.).

I applaud you both and appreciate you both for being the most responsible people I have listened to when discussing this entire situation. And I appreciate that, given how frustrating it is because it is so cyclical and frustrating the discussion can be… We don’t have an actual accusation / We likely won’t ever know if there was an investigation / Hard to get upset over lack of investigation or clarity when we don’t have an actual accusation - but we still have the initial story by Hausman… And repeat.

Thanks again guys.

Look what you’ve done, Mark. :joy:

Seriously though, what the hell is with the Bucks’ new getup? Nick looks like one of those stereotypical cartoon French painters or something and Matt looks like he’s just getting back from a funeral. Commentary was freaking out like, “oh my god, the Bucks have a totally new look!” meanwhile it looks like those were the last two outfits on the rack. Brutal stuff, though I liked the show on the whole.

I honestly don’t mind their look. They’re new characters are supposed to be self absorbed dicks. And that’s exactly what this look is.

Especially using Brandon Cutler as their director of communications…

It’s kind of what I expected. Taking the DX route (no shocker from the Bucks) and just leaning into your shoot reputation, whether perceived or actual. Having said that, I think it will work. They needed a character refresh, and there’s really no way for them to be heels and still wrestle the “Young Bucks” style other than being cocky assholes (again, see HBK for reference).

Also, love the Brandon Cutler post. Smarkiness only works for me when it’s clever, and they nailed it there.

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Your initial response the night of the PPV included allegations I wouldn’t repeat on the show and has nothing to do with your criticism of Hausman. I have a responsibility for our platform and it doesn’t mean every piece of feedback has carte blanche to go into those areas.

I’d prefer you avoid citing “relationships” like we have a horse in the race in the story. It becomes very frustrating when every guest we’ve ever had suddenly becomes someone we have a bias toward, whether you intended your comment to come off like that or not.


Exactly. Half the audience has decided this is who the Young Bucks are anyway, so why not lean into it?

I apologize. That’s not what I meant at all.

I simply wanted to imply that you had a professional relationship in the sense you’ve had him on your shows in the past.

I think it’s important people realize what you do and what he does are completely different sports, let alone ball park.

I appreciate you’re explanation for not addressing my other comments, and it makes sense. Thank you.

Wasn’t that their old characters though? Maybe I’m misremembering but didn’t they pretty much wrestle as heels most of last year whose main heel trait was their dickish/pompousness? Especially after the Punk stuff.

The way the announcers were freaking out I was expecting to see them in some Road Warriors style getup. But perhaps that’s just my expectations being out of line with reality, as I was really hoping to see a bit more of a refresh for the Bucks’ return.

Sorry to derail the conversation between the adults in the room I just can’t get over this look :joy:

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