AEW Dynamite & MJF promo live reaction w/ Benno | POST News 6/2

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John Pollock & Wai Ting are joined by Benno from The BWE & GRAPPL for a live report from AEW Dynamite including reactions to MJF’s promo. Plus all the latest news.

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Tony Khan doesn’t have to make appearances on TV programming, he makes enough regular appearances in wrestling media to progress the storyline with MJF, and on the show, it’ll likely lead to a bunch of matches or appearances of MJF vs. / adjacent to former WWE talent, or other “TK Favourites.”

The more interesting part about how a talent vs. Management storyline can play out nowadays is that management doesn’t need on-screen representation when there are podcasts, vlogs, streaming shows, and more, which can be leveraged parallel to TV booking.

An interesting, unrelated, and older case study would be something like Nine Inch Nails’s “Year Zero,” ARG. When they used the tech-savvy and eager canvass to disseminate and diffuse the key points of the storyline.

If you update that toolkit and acclimate that playbook to a wrestling fan base you have a cross-platform narrative that is largely fan-driven.

There are so many interesting ways in our current day media landscape to tell stories, seeing as MJF is a theatre kid, he has likely studied playwrights like Beckett, that takes the whole Marchal McLuhan “media is the message,” aesthetic subversion to another level.

In his interview with Ariel Helwani, he mentioned he had a preferred promotion to sign with and it was the one we weren’t necessarily expecting. So, the louder he gets about WWE, the more I feel it means he’s resigned with AEW :slight_smile: But who knows… He is really good at obfuscation.