AEW Dynamite moving to TBS in 2022, new series launches in August

Originally published at AEW Dynamite moving to TBS in 2022, new series launches in August

AEW Dynamite is moving to TBS in January 2022 with WarnerMedia doubling down on its wrestling content with the news of additional programming.

On Wednesday, it was revealed by WarnerMedia that AEW’s flagship program will move to TBS next January while launching a new one-hour program titled ‘AEW: Rampage’ beginning Friday, August 13th on TNT.

AEW will migrate the ‘Rampage’ program to TBS in 2022. Tony Maglio of The Wrap reports that it has not been determined yet if ‘Rampage’ will remain on Friday nights when it moves to TBS next year.

In addition, AEW will have four annual specials as part of this deal, which will air on TNT allowing AEW to retain a presence on the network. Tony Khan shared the following with the NY Post:

While we’re looking forward to our arrival on TBS, we’re not saying goodbye to our original and current home of TNT, which will air four new special supercard events annually. Plus, the financial upside to our new agreement will give us the opportunity to continue to invest in and grow AEW to serve the most important people in our industry: our fans, our wrestlers, our staff and our sponsors.

Additional comments from Tony Khan from Deadline:

As a lifelong wrestling aficionado who is privileged to present AEW to longtime and new fans alike, it means a lot to me – personally and professionally – to share the news that All Elite Wrestling will call TBS home beginning in 2022. The history of wrestling in the United States cannot be told without acknowledging the contributions of TBS, which as WTBS years ago delivered wrestling to the Southeast and eventually to a massive national audience. TBS has the same passion for wrestling today, but will offer AEW and our fans more prime time programming, content and global opportunities that will establish TBS as the world’s undisputed destination for wrestling.

TNT, TBS & truTV General Manager Brian Weitz spoke with the NY Post stating that the NHL was a factor in the decision to move AEW programming:

Did the NHL have anything to do with it? Sure. NHL had something to do with it. NBA had something to do with it, the COVID schedule, the ton of preemptions. When we looked where the consumer’s gonna be, where wrestling fans were going to be, we want to give them the most opportunity to consume as many shows as possible. We felt TBS had an opportunity to be the network and the best platform for expansion.

Dynamite launched in October 2019 becoming the first live pro wrestling programming on TNT since WCW went out of business in March 2001. In January 2020, AEW and WarnerMedia extended their deal with a new four-year pact worth approximately $175 million.

Two weeks ago, AEW was the #1 program on cable television for the May 5th ‘Blood & Guts’ edition of Dynamite.

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Love that they’re basically bringing the “Clash of the Champions” type specials back, four times a year.

Interested to see how this plays out. Slightly larger reach too than TNT. Could help them grow an audience.

It was during blood and guts when Ortiz was the 3rd man in and the crowd roars I got this feeling “This feels like an old Clash of Champions”. TNA dropped the ball in trying to get that feel of good WCW, as someone who preferred WCW to WWF in the early 90s I’m happy that AEW is getting this right and good for more first run TV

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I wonder what they will do about the TNT Title. I thought it was stupid to name it that, even though I do like the name of it now. I think they should just start calling it the TV Title.

At least they get a third try at redesigning that ugly belt.

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So wait… @johnpollock, was there a renegotiation of their overall deal with the move to TBS? Could they be getting more annually now?

I assume a separate deal for the four “specials” was been made as well.

I feel like Khan alluded to this a few weeks ago when he stated his current deal was for Wednesday on TNT, but he was open to negotiating if the time came.

Good for AEW if this is the case, cutting a new deal and upping their income.

Not too worried about oversatution.

Dynamite is the main show. Rampage is the secondary show. And YouTube shows are ancillary programming

I also assume that Dark / Dark: Elevation will both become shorter shows, as they’ll be taped in front of an audience every week.

The four yearly specials is the big thing for me. I love the idea but it’s a bit of a risk because it could make Dynamite seem less important. They have done such a good job building up certain episodes so I hope that continues.

But now with the Friday show they have to be careful about the WWE problem of too much content. Thank god they have signed so much talent and doesn’t overexpose them

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I didnt like it at first, but I’ve grown to really like it now. I think the change from red to black was a good one.

Can someone explain this for those outside the US? Is TBS a bigger station?

I believe TBS is in more households than TNT by a couple of million. As well, TBS is available at a lower cost to homes I believe, as it’s part of “basic cable”.

And historically, TBS was the destination for NWA / WCW wrestling until Nitro came along. Although by the end of WCW, TBS still hosted Thunder, Saturday Night, Main Event, and I think Pro.

Could see TNT leaning even further into a sports channel with NBA / NHL and maybe MLB. While the “TNT Drama” idea moves to TBS.

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I believe TBS added more baseball this year, so I don’t think there’s a huge thematic change coming (also, John Cena Presents: Wipeout). Realistically, with this new Discovery merger, there’s probably a lot of change coming soon that makes it harder to predict.

I believe TBS also used to have WCW Worldwide. Does dig even deeper into that WCW lore going to TBS. If they want to go the whole way, starting that Friday show at 10:05 would have some decent merit giving some time for the live Smackdown viewers they probably want to change over.

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I haven’t watched TBS in twenty years… Is programming still on the 05’s?

I guess I could Google it…

Ha, no. It’s long changed…somewhere around when they lost the Braves. I think we all keep that damn nostalgia though lol.

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I really hope so. With this second televised show and the addition of annual specials, there is no need for these two other shows to be 90 minutes.

In addition to dropping the :05 years ago, they’ve also rebranded as more of a comedy network, while TNT is the drama network.

Quite convenient that tonight’s Rewind-A-Dynamite has been opened for all Cafe patrons before this news broke.

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I also think part of the Dark / Elevation being monster shows over the Covid days has been Khan and AEW trying to give work to as many talents as possible.

A lot of indie workers survived some lean days during the pandemic due to Dark work. And, AEW had a built in live audience made up of those talents.

Lastly, it also provided a place for a lot of their contracted talent to work and keep in ring shape, when their outside AEW dates / additional AEW dates went up in smoke thanks to the pandemic.

With the return of touring and places opening up again, the “need” for the giant Dark shows largely disappears.


Conan O’Brien still has his show but it’s ending in late June and moving to HBO Max.

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Gonna start working on my Rewind-A-Rampage intro song right now. I think a metalcore theme is appropriate. See you in the recording studio, nerds!


With this new show, renegotiated contract (for a lot of money) and strong ratings; can we finally admit that AEW is not in immediate danger of failing? I know, it’s not two burly men in speedos punching each other for 20 minutes; but people seem to like it.


Something something, money mark billionaire, something something, blind squirrel, something something, choreographed children’s dance routine.