AEW Dynamite Results: Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong, Jon Moxley vs. Big Bill

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AEW Dynamite

September 13th, 2023

By: John Siino

Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, OH

Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Dark Matches

  • QTV (Johnny TV & Aaron Solo) def. Brandon Cutler & Colt Cabana
  • Skye Blue def. Marina Shafir

AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Big Bill (w/ Ricky Starks)

The hometown crowd cheers on Jon Moxley as he starts the match kicking away at Big Bill before tossing him the middle fingers. Bill knocks Moxley down and starts showing him with punches before dancing and mocking the crowd. Bill keeps Moxley in the corner with chops, but Moxley comes back with some of his own. Bill knocks Moxley to the outside where Ricky Starks takes a cheap shot at him. Bill keeps attacking Moxley on the outside, but Moxley comes back with a whip sending Bill into the steel steps. Bill comes back, sending Moxley onto the timekeeper’s table as we go to picture-in-picture.

When we return, Moxley is surprisingly bleeding from the face as he hits Bill with a superplex. Bill stops a running Moxley with a Bossman Slam for a two-count. They start trading blows as the crowd goes ‘cheer/boo’ until Moxley catches a boot from Bill, hitting a lariat for a two-count. Moxley follows by dropping elbows down and putting on a chokehold but Bill breaks it up by backing up into the corner. Moxley hits a cutter on Bill, sending him to the outside, but Starks knocks him off as Moxley goes to the top rope. Bill follows with a big boot, but Moxley kicks out. Bryan Danielson runs out and takes out Starks but Starks comes back by sending Danielson into the steel steps. Moxley and Bill go back and forth until Bill hits the chokeslam for two. Bill is able to lock in a triangle, as Danielson holds Starks back as Bill eventually taps out.

Winner: Jon Moxley by submission at 11:27, to retain

Starks & Bill keep attacking Moxley & Danielson, until Claudio Castagnoli comes out and lifts Bill onto the apron, and hits him with an uppercut but Starks pulls Bill down before he can do more damage.

They announced Moxley will defend the AEW International Championship against Rey Fenix next week at Grand Slam.

Protect Ya Neck

Renee Paquette is backstage with Roderick Strong & The Kingdom and asks Strong how he feels going against Samoa Joe tonight who nearly put him on the shelf. Adam Cole interrupts and says it’s a horrible idea as Joe can break his neck. Strong is amazed that Cole now cares, and The Kingdom cares about him as Cole should care about MJF as after he takes care of Joe he will break MJF’s back.

Unveiling Of A Masterpiece

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with an easel before introducing Don Callis who comes out with Konosuke Takeshita. The crowd boos as Callis tells them to show some respect since ‘they’ just beat Kenny Omega. Callis talks about how when you are the top wrestler in a promotion they call you an ace and say Takeshita is better than all of them, including Antonio Inoki. When you beat Omega once they call you the ace, but when you beat him twice they call you The Alpha. Streamers fall and The Alpha pops on the screen, as Callis says you now will call him that, and he’s a real one, not a fake one like Chris Jericho. Callis says when you are The Alpha you take everything that can be taken, and then you take a little more. Callis says beating Omega twice wasn’t enough for them, after breaking his body they will break his heart. Callis reveals the painting that shows Takeshita stabbing Kota Ibushi with a sword and says they aren’t just going to beat Ibushi, they are going to butcher him. And while they do that, Omega will be watching from home like the pathetic cuck that he is. They grab a bouquet of roses and shove them into Schiavone.

One More Week

Alex Marvez is backstage with the Blackpool Combat Club as Bryan Danielson says they are all about escalating and challenges himself and Claudio Castagnoli against Big Bill & Ricky Starks. Claudio starts talking about Eddie Kingston and their match at Grand Slam, but Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo get in their face as Fenix yells at Moxley that he’s going to beat him next week. Eddie Kingston shows up and gets in Claudio’s face before saying ‘One more week’ and laughing.

I’m Still So Tired

Renee is backstage with Hook and asks him how this championship run feels different. Orange Cassidy walks in and asks Hook what he’s mad about as he’s here, he can wrestle and doesn’t have tape all over his body then gets upset that he used to be champion. They call each other great champions and Hook walks away as Renee asks Orange if he’s doing okay, and he says ‘I’m still so tired’.

AEW Women’s World Championship Grand Slam 4-Way Eliminator Match: Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shira vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Marina Shafir) vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD

The winner of this match will face Saraya next week at Grand Slam for the AEW Women’s World Championship. As soon as the bell rings, Toni Storm leaves the ring, while still wearing the robe as Nyla Rose goes after Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Hikaru Shida. Storm runs back in and poses in front of Rose, who asks her if she’s lost her mind. Shida dropkicks Rose to the outside and tells Baker she is helping her before Storm pushes Shida into Baker knocking her to the outside. Shida knocks Storm outside as well and hits a crossbody to all of them as they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, they are all going at each other with Shida hitting the Kitana on Rose, which gets broken up and after Baker hits the stomp on Shida, Storm rolls up Baker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toni Storm by pinfall at 6:24

She’s Lost It

Renee is backstage with Saraya & Ruby Soho as Saraya congratulates Storm and says they can’t be ‘prouder’. Saraya talks about her being the new kid on the block and Storm used to be the champion, but she lost it, just because she lost her mind and called her crazy. Saraya says Storm is going to lose the match and she’ll then be left with nothing.

Le Sex Gods of War

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara go to the ring as Jericho says next week at Grand Slam for the first time ever it’s Le Sex Gods going one-on-one and says there is lots of history with this match as they have been together since the very first episode of Dynamite and they wanted to remind everybody of the great memories & times they’ve had over the years as Jericho pitches to a video. The video shows both the good and bad times they had together but it ends showing them hugging with the lyrics of the song playing saying ‘Don’t forget me’. Jericho says Guevara looked like a little baby in those early clips as Guevara says he still doesn’t know the words to Judas.  Jericho talked about watching the NWA 70th Anniversary show and seeing Guevara on it and telling Tony Khan he wanted him on AEW, although he said he wasn’t a fan of his panda outfit. Jericho talks about how he is so proud of the man Guevara has become and says how he will soon be a father. Guevara thanks Jericho and says without him there is no AEW but says he didn’t come into this company to just be Jericho’s sidekick. He wants people to look at him the way they look at Moxley, Danielson & Jericho and he knows that will never happen as long as he’s in Jericho’s shadow and that’s why he needs to beat him next week.

Jericho says Guevara was brought in here to become a main event player in AEW and he’s getting closer and closer every single week he has to do it on his own and next week he has the biggest opportunity to do it. Jericho says Guevara has to be better than he’s ever been before if he has a chance to beat him but he doesn’t think he’s ready to beat him yet. Guevara gets a bit upset and says Jericho doesn’t respect him and next week he’s going to beat him as this man, not the 2018 NWA Guevara, but the man standing right in front of him will earn his respect, shake hands, hug, then win some tag team titles. Jericho shakes his hand but pulls him in as they are face-to-face. Jericho says next week, he’s going to give him the match of his life and he’s not going to go easy on him, he’s going to punch him harder than he’s ever punched anybody in his life and he expects the same exact thing from him. Guevara says he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Mathwell Jacob Friedman

We see footage from last week where the medical staff says MJF can’t travel for a week, but he’ll be ready for Grand Slam. Renee asks MJF about the competitors in the tournament as MJF says Roderick Strong is faking his neck injury and if he makes it to Grand Slam he’ll rip his head off and stick up his ass. MJF calls him a wet blanket and a third wheel and tells him to shake it off, you bland bitch. MJF says he isn’t afraid of Samoa Joe and he might not realize that this New York pitbull has a whole lot of bite and if Joe wrestles him, he will choke him out he promises that on his life and then proceeds to do the Scott Steiner math promo.

Brian Cage (w/ Prince Nana) vs. Adam Page

Adam Page goes right after Brian Cage as the bell rings, but Cage comes right back by attacking Page in the corner. They start trading boots before Cage knocks Page down until Page sends Cage to the apron where he knocks him down with a clothesline off the ropes. Cage catches Page trying to dive onto him, but Page sends Cage into the ring post with a hurricanrana. Page goes back inside the ring and is able to springboard back onto Cage on the outside. Cage starts choking Page on the rope, but Page comes right back with the 619 as commentary calls it ‘the area code shot’. Swerve Strickland comes out which distracts Page, as Cage hits a German Suplex to Page sending him back inside the ring as they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Page is able to dodge a moonsault from Cage as the referee starts counting them out. Once on their feet, they start trading punches, until Page clotheslines Cage to the outside, falling out with him. They fight a bit until Page hits a top rope moonsault to Cage on the outside, sends him back in, and hits him with a top rope crossbody for a two-count. They fight on the apron, as Page trips up Cage and follows with a Buckshot Lariat attempt, but Cage blocks it. They go back and forth before Page hits the Dead Eye for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Page by pinfall at 12:04

Page gets on the mic and starts talking to Swerve saying how he watched him kick Cage’s ass. Page says Swerve sent Cage out to fight him, instead of doing it himself and he thought for one second Swerve had some balls, but now knows he’s keeping them stored in Prince Nana’s Burger King crown. Swerve says ‘what up turd?’ and how those sound like fighting words and if he thinks they are fighting tonight then Page is stupider than the Cincinnati education system. Swerve is choosing the state he’s born in and challenges Page for WrestleDream on October 1st but he will make sure Page isn’t too comfortable as Cage and Nana start attacking Page from behind. Nana keeps dancing as The Young Bucks run out from the crowd and take out Cage before super-kicking Nana.

That’s Money

Renee is backstage with Daniel Garcia who interrupts her as she thinks he is going to talk about him but instead, she asks about Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. Garcia starts talking about going viral four times and the Arizona Cardinals doing his dance on Sunday. Don Callis walks in and starts pitching Garcia to join him, but he stops Callis and starts dancing in his face before walking off. Callis calls that money and yells to start getting some of that money.

They announce that Kris Statlander will defend the AEW TBS Championship against Jade Cargill on Rampage this Friday

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Angelo Parker & Matt Menard (w/ Jake Hager & Anna Jay)

Angelo Parker & Nick Wayne start the match, but right away Christian Cage’s music hits, as he and Luchasaurus head out to the stage before Cage joins on commentary. Parker & Matt Menard keep working on Wayne, keeping him in their corner with Menard hitting Wayne with a powerbomb as they go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Darby Allin gets the hot tag and starts attacking Parker & Menard in the corner before hitting a Code Red on Parker for a two-count. Darby is able to tag out to Wayne who hits the Wayne’s World on Parker, but Menard pulls out Wayne to break up the count. Darby takes out Menard on the outside before he hits the Coffin Drop on Parker and Wayne takes out Menard & Jake Hager on the outside as Darby gets the pin.

Winners: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne by pinfall at 7:39

Christian gets on the mic and says when he got home last week he was scrolling through Nick Wayne’s mom’s Instagram and complained that she doesn’t put enough bikini pictures up and there’s too much talk about Sting & Darby’s win at All In. Christian calls that embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as losing to the Cleveland Browns. Christian says he didn’t take the loss in that match and he also didn’t have his regular partner, so challenges himself and Luchasaurus vs. Darby Allin & Sting.

Rampage Line-Up

  • TBS Championship: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Jade Cargill
  • The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn in action
  • Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. The Kingdom
  • Lucha Bros & The Hardys vs. The Butcher, The Blade, Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

Collision Line-Up

  • Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricky Starks & Big Bill
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: FTR (c) vs. Iron Savages

Grand Slam Line-Up

  • AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Rey Fenix
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya (c) vs. Toni Storm
  • ROH World Championship / NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Eddie Kingston (c)
  • Chris Jericho vs. Sammy Guevara
  • AEW World Championship: MJF vs. winner of Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe

WrestleDream Line-Up

  • Swerve Strickland vs. Adam Page
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Final Match: Roderick Strong (w/ Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Samoa Joe

Right away, Samoa Joe tosses Roderick Strong down, as he heads to the outside and regroups with The Kingdom. Taz defends Stong and his neck injury on commentary, saying it’s normal for him to wear a neck brace and still wrestle. Joe gets sick of Strong staying on the outside and chases him back in, as Strong stomps Joe on his way back in. Joe stays on top of Strong, by punching him in the corner as we go to picture-in-picture.

When we come back, Strong hits a missile dropkick for a two-count and continues to work on Joe, by working on his neck, but he breaks up and hits the Manhattan Drop, a boot, and a senton for a two-count. Strong comes right back and stays in control, trying to put a Boston Crab on, but Joe kicks him off and catches Strong in the corner, hitting a uranage. Joe sets up Strong for the Muscle Buster, but Mike Bennett gets on the apron and gets knocked off by Joe. Strong follows with the Angle Slam and a running kick for a two-count. Joe stops Strong with a clothesline and puts on the Coquina Clutch as Strong taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe by submission at 11:03

Joe gets on the mic and says his prophecy has come true and next week he is coming to MJF’s backyard and he’s going to beat him up and take everything he has, calling him a kid. Joe repeats ‘everything’ before leaving.

Adam Cole goes to the ring, and as soon as Strong sees him he falls down and screams ‘Adam’. The Kingdom starts telling Cole that it’s all his fault, as the medical team comes out to take out Strong on a stretcher. The Kingdom & Cole continue to tell each other to shut up, as The Kingdom won’t allow Cole to follow Strong. As Cole has his back turned, Joe chokes out Cole and tells MJF in the camera that he’s taking everything from him.