AEW Dynamite tops 1.2 million viewers, finishes second on cable

Originally published at AEW Dynamite tops 1.2 million viewers, finishes second on cable

AEW Dynamite scored its second-largest audience in its history running unopposed on Wednesday night and finishing second on cable.

The two-hour show featuring Mike Tyson and several championship matches averaged 1,219,000 viewers on TNT, which is it’s second-largest in history behind Dynamite’s debut episode in October 2019.

The show finished second for the night on cable with a 0.44 in the 18-49 demographic, its largest in the key demo since December 10, 2020, which was the week after Sting’s surprise debut for the company.

Without running head-to-head against NXT, the show’s audience expanded across the board. The question of whether the older audience would tune in was answered as AEW did 0.50 in the over 50 demographic, by far the highest AEW has ever performed in that segment and more than doubling last week’s figure.

Women 18-49 saw a spike of 77 percent compared with last week, adults 18-34 grew by 73 percent as did females 12-34.

NXT’s move to Tuesday nights saw the program finish with 805,000 viewers and a 0.22 in the 18-49 demographic finishing eighth on Tuesday among cable programs.

The giant surge in AEW’s audience appears to have helped ONE Championship, which immediately followed Wednesday’s broadcast. In their second week on TNT, ONE averaged 337,000 viewers and a 0.11 in the 18-49 demographic. It was way up from last week’s card that featured Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez in separate fights and only did 196,000 and a 0.08 in the key demo.

In Canada, AEW Dynamite averaged 117,800 viewers on TSN 2 and 57,900 in the 25-54 demographic. Last week’s episode of Dynamite did 81,000 viewers going against NXT TakeOver, which aired on both Sportsnet 360 and the WWE Network in Canada.

Here is a breakdown of the key demos, comparisons to last week’s episode, and what it’s averaged over the last four weeks:

Source: Showbuzz Daily

ADULTS 18-49

This week: 0.44 (+57 percent from last week)
Last four weeks: 0.28

This week: 0.32 (+77 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.16

MALES 18-49
This week: 0.55 (+45 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.40

ADULTS 18-34

This week: 0.26 (+73 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.14

This week: 0.19 (+73 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.10

MALES 12-34
This week: 0.23 (+53 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.14

ADULTS 25-54
This week: 0.50 (+51.5 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.33


This week: 0.50 (+108 percent)
Last four weeks: 0.28


Coming next week to USA - Wednesday Night Rawwwww

Amazing number for Dynamite, love it. Can’t wait to see what they get for Blood and Guts


All of you who said Christian wasn’t a draw should be ASHAMED of yourselves!


That number is a big boy.


All seriousness, spectacular number for AEW. Qualifies all the hopes people had for what they’d do on their own.

And big props to me for stubbornly declaring that 1.1M was still the goal line for one of their solo shows. (don’t read anything I wrote after that)


In all honesty, I wonder how many people saw the Jericho interview on the Network and decided to give AEW a try.

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Great number, but the real test is in a month from now. It was obvious that both NXT and Dynamite would get a boost this week which they both did, the key is if they keep those new viewers. Very interested in how this looks in May/June.


Great number and yes the distractions are a bit much but I hope now AEW can try and create without the bad faith arguments of Women went away after too much blood, too many stables are confusing for casual fans and the new one Anthony Ogogo gut punch finish is unrealistic

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That one is just laughable, great finish and Ogogo to me has just a ton of potential.


I take back my plaudits and instead demand Tony Khan to resign.

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How the f&&k is it laughable? What’s laughable, actually insulting, is expecting your audience to accept that finisher when people regularly pop back up from a Canadian destroyer followed by 10 superkicks.

The man is an Olympic boxer, it makes sense he punches hard.

Maybe even harder than the gut punch you took when you saw AEW’s numbers this week :laughing:


No it’ll be Wrestlemania Takeover

It was a good number. And appears to reinforce what I have said all along, namely there is a hardcore audience split between AEW and NXT.

But don’t get carried away. One swallow does not a summer make and even a blind squirrel finds nuts occasionally. Let’s reconvene in two months and see where they are.

If they had merely done a number in the 900s or just getting to a million, I’d be more open for criticism or thinking something worse is up ahead, but they pulled out 1.2M+. I think its fine for the wrestling world to celebrate it today without worrying that devastation is looming in the side view mirror.


Does that mean you’re going away for two months? Or will you be complaining about a show you don’t watch when the ratings for next weeks show come out as usual?


Haven’t decided yet. Probably wait two months. I’ve been much less active on the forum the last few months. Surprised you haven’t noticed.

And I don’t “complain” about it. Complain would mean I had a personal stake in AEW. As the great man himself Jim Cornette would say, I couldn’t give a french fried titty f&@k if AEW fails. I critique it.

Yeah make sure you time your troll better, this was not the right time to emerge from the cornette castle