AEW Fight Forever to be released on 6/29

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The long-awaited release of the AEW Fight Forever game is set for next month.

AEW confirmed the game will be released on Thursday, June 29 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

From Tony Khan:

Since our initial announcement, fans worldwide have shown unbridled passion around the launch of Fight Forever, and AEW has proven through our exciting storylines and hard-hitting wrestling action that good things come to those who wait.

With Fight Forever, Kenny and our world-class team have delivered an authentic, nostalgic feel of wrestling games past, along with the unmatched creativity that AEW brings to the table. It’s going to be cool to see our fans finally getting a fresh and much-needed alternative next-gen console wrestling game on June 29. AEW has the greatest fans on the planet, and I’m excited for them to experience this new way to engage with our stars.

AEW partnered with Yuke’s and THQ Nordic to develop the game. Match types include ladder matches, Casino Battle Royales, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights Out, and Exploding Barbed-Wire Deathmatches.

Kenny Omega released a video statement on the pending release of AEW Fight Forever:

Earlier this year, the game faced opposition to the trademark of game’s “Fight Forever” trademark by GCW, who held a 24-hour wrestling event under that name in January 2021. We have reached out to GCW regarding this issue and whether it has been settled.

I read up on the issues over the name last week, when people were sharing news that it could be pre-downloaded and achievements on Xbox were leaked.

GCW never sued, and they were negotiating some kind of settlement in March. GCW and Brett Lauderdale claiming they were never trying to delay the game. The only real delay seems to have been dialing down the blood to get the ESRB rating down from 17+ age restrictions to 13+.

I’m glad the date is confirmed, and I will wait to see what the legitimate game reviewers say about it.

This is something that I really felt would have lived up to / should have been a TV announcement and reveal.

Everything I’ve heard about the gameplay is comparing it to N64 classics. I cannot wait. Apparently it’s super easy to just pick up and play.