AEW Full Gear: Jon Moxley pins Kenny Omega in violent main event

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Welcome to our coverage of AEW’s Full Gear card from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Wai Ting and I will have an AEW Full Gear POST Show immediately after tonight’s pay-per-view. You can watch the POST Show live if you are a Double Double, Iced Capp, or Espresso member of the POST Wrestling Café.

The Buy-In pre-show featured Taz on commentary alongside Excalibur and The Goldenboy.

They re-aired Britt Baker’s promo from AEW Dark, and it was excellent outlining how Bea Priestley kicked her in the back of the head at Fight for the Fallen and didn’t check up on her afterward.

*Dr. Britt Baker over Bea Priestley in 11:28
*Santana & Ortiz over The Young Bucks in 21:00
*Hangman Page over Pac in 18:52
*Shawn Spears over Joey Janela in 11:43
*Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian over Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix and Private Party in 13:03 to retain the AEW tag titles
*Riho over Emi Sakura in 13:18 to retain the AEW womenès title
*Chris Jericho over Cody in 29:37 to retain the AEW title after MJF threw in the towel
*Jon Moxley over Kenny Omega in 38:46 in a Lights Out Unsanctioned match


Baker attempted the Lockjaw very early in the match and Priestley escaped and returned to her feet.

They explained Baker was dealing with the flu and was affecting her breathing.

Baker hit a sloppy looking cutter, Priestley kicked out and used a crucifix for a cover attempt. After hitting a pair of suplexes, Priestley landed a foot stomp to Baker on the edge of the apron.

Baker blocked the Queen’s Landing and hit a Canadian Destroyer. After several attempts, she applied the Lockjaw and Priestley immediately tapped.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker at 11:28

The audience reacted loudest for the Lockjaw attempts and the finish. They were off in a few instances and was fine for a pre-show outing.

Awesome Kong entered with Brandi Rhodes and laid out Bea Priestley and used a knife to cut off a portion of her hair.

Jim Ross was introduced as they went into the pay-per-view and is calling the main show with Excalibur.


The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express is sitting in the front row.

Ross went over the history of this building including Superstar Billy Graham defeating Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF title in April 1977.

Santana and Ortiz applied a combination camel clutch and Boston Crab while Santana had Nick on his back with a Gori special. Santana & Ortiz had the advantage of Nick in their corner.

Later in the match, Nick ran at Ortiz and missed kicking the post and Nick was tossed into the crowd. Ortiz sent Matt into Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson and blew his nose in their direction. Nick was selling the leg kick until catching Ortiz with a superkick and tagged Matt.

Matt hit a series of rolling Northern Lights suplexes to both and it got over big. Santana & Ortiz regained control and attempted the Street Sweeper with Matt countering with a rotating slam off the shoulders. The Bucks superkicked Ortiz from behind and then to Santana as he attempted a quebrada and was hit in mid-air.

Nick slipped on the top rope for the Meltzer Driver because of the injury to his leg. Matt was sent to his corner and Nick tagged himself in, even though he is hurt. Nick spit his gum at Santana and Santana placed the discarded gum in his mouth.

Matt was run into the post allowing Santana & Ortiz to hit the Street Sweeper and Nick took the fall.

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz in 21:00

Nick Jackson had a great performance with the leg injury with a lot of creative selling.

Sammy Guevara came down to congratulate the Inner Circle teammates.

Sammy Guevara came down to congratulate the Inner Circle teammates. He had a sock with baseballs inside them, but the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express saved them and culminated with a Ricky Morton hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Santana and following with a suicide dive. They celebrated in the ring with The Young Bucks.


After a suicide dive from Page, Pac attacked Page’s back and took over the match. Pac missed with a Phoenix Splash off the second turnbuckle.

Page fought back among chants of ‘Cowboy Shit’, Page dropped him on the edge of the apron and hit a moonsault off the top turnbuckle. Pac got out of the way when Page set up for the Buckshot Lariat.

Pac lured him on the floor and caught him with a brainbuster onto an unfolded chair. This looked brutal and Page’s back was marked up badly.

Pac delivered a release German and was hit with a pop-up powerbomb from Page. Page went for the Dead Eye and Pac stopped it with knees and applied the Brutalizer and Page collapsed into the ropes. Pac climbed to the top and missed the Black Arrow.

Page went for the Buckshot Lariat and it was avoided, they almost crashed into Bryce Remsberg, a low blow from Pac was stopped and Page hit a pair of lariats and the Dead Eye to win.

WINNER: Hangman Page at 18:52

This was a strong match from the brainbuster spot onward and I think many were surprised with Page winning the match given how strong Pac has been booked. This was Pac’s first loss in a singles match.

Page’s back looked horrible after the brainbuster.


Janela came off the apron into a powerslam from Spears on the floor. Spears focused on the back and tossed him over the top where his lower back crashed on the edge before hitting the floor.

Spears used the tag rope to tie Janela’s hair to the corner and he ripped his hair to break free. Spears followed by applying a sharpshooter, this was funny with Earl Hebner as the referee on the 22nd anniversary of the Survivor Series in Montreal.

Janela came back with a dive off the top and landing on Spears on the floor.

Behind the referee’s back, Blanchard helped with a spike piledriver on the floor to Janela. Spears continued with a Death Valley Driver in the ring for the win.

WINNER: Shawn Spears at 11:43

Janela worked very hard, they struggled at times with the crowd, but it was a strong finish with Blanchard’s involvement. This would position Spears for something notable coming out of this.

The Goldenboy interviewed Kip Sabian, who is now paired with Penelope Ford, who said ‘why be bad when you can be Superbad?’ and they cut back to Janela as he was leaving the ring and could be a tease for a future program.

The Goldenboy interviewed Kip Sabian, who is now paired with Penelope Ford, who said ‘why be bad when you can be Superbad?’ and they cut back to Janela as he was leaving the ring and could be a tease for a future program.


Fenix hit a Doomsday dropkick to Quen off the shoulders of Pentagon.

Sky came in and hit a slingshot cutter to Fenix and rolled to a Dragon Sleeper until it was broken up. Kazarian came in and hits his leaping huracanrana to Pentagon on the floor and Quen executed a Fosbury Flop onto Kazarian. Sky went for a running dive and was stopped with a rope walk into a kick from Fenix. So, Fenix had a clear path and hit a double jump tornillo to everyone on the floor.

Quen landed a shooting star press with Private Party later going for Gin & Juice and it was blocked when Kazarian held on to the rope. They hit S-C-U Later with Kazarian pinning Isaiah Kassidy.

WINNERS: Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian at 13:03 to retain the AEW tag titles

The Lucha Bros. attempted to attack the champions when the lights went out and another Pentagon appeared in the ring. He mirrored Pentagon Jr. and then hit him with Angel’s Wings and revealed it was Christopher Daniels, who attacked them with chair shots and announced he was back.


Riho landed a double foot stomp to Sakura on the edge of the apron and applied a half-crab inside.

Sakura did a bunch if Freddy Mercury mannerisms before using a surfboard and rotating Riho around the ring.

Riho came back and hit the tiger feint kick, she ran into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then came down with a stomp onto Riho’s arm. Riho fired back but Sakura attacked with slaps. Riho hit a foot stomp and Northern Lights suplex for a two-count.

The action picked up with super-fast transitions between cover attempts ending when Riho hit her with knees and a roll-up to catch Sakura.

WINNER: Riho in 13:18 to retain the AEW women’s title

This was another match where the audience didn’t lift it to the next level. The lightning-fast sequence they had at the end was the highlight, just as it was during the tag match this past Wednesday. Overall, it was a very good match, and both worked hard.

Sakura shook her hand after the match.


The three judges are Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and Keiji Muto.

Cody came to the ring alongside MJF and they cut to Cody’s mother Michelle in the crowd.

Jake Hager was in Chris Jericho’s corner.

Jericho was wearing his own weight belt with “Le Champion” on it.

Jericho got into the faces of the judges with Malenko standing up to him.

The beginning of the match slow-paced except for a suicide dive by Cody.

Then, Cody dove over the top and his head smashed onto the ramp and he cut himself terribly on the forehead that led to lots of blood. Jericho took over as Cody struggled with the cut and blood loss. They stopped the bleeding, but the cut still looked brutal and in need of stitches to close it. Cody missed with a moonsault off the top but hit a desperation OsCutter.

Cody’s comeback picked up the audience, who have not been exceptionally hot tonight.

Michelle slapped Jericho and snuck in a second shot when Cody nailed Jericho in front of her.

Jake Hager struck Cody from the floor and Aubrey Edwards ejected Hager for the big pop. Before Hager left, he attacked MJF.

Behind her back, Jericho struck Cody with the belt and Cody kicked out. Jericho went for the Judas Effect and it was countered with the Cross Rhodes for a massive near fall. Jericho got his own near fall and they had the crowd by this point, it was the hottest they’ve been all night.

Jericho whipped him with the weightlifting belt until it was taken away. He caught Cody’s ‘rana off the top and blocked it to apply the Walls of Jericho on the mat and Cody made it to the rope.

Jericho came back with the Lion Tamer version while stomping the head and torquing on the head. MJF threw in the towel and the crowd was livid.

WINNER: Chris Jericho at 29:37 to retain the AEW title

I thought this was great.

MJF was in tears explaining his reasoning to Cody, who was pissed. Cody then calmed down and was okay, placed his arm on MJF’s shoulder and MJF kicked him low. The turn got over huge with chants of ‘asshole’.


They went to the floor and Omega landed a leaping missile dropkick over the guardrail. It was an intense brawl from the start of the match.

Moxley attacked him with a barbed wire bat, opening Omega’s back. Omega went for the snap dragon and was stopped with the barbed wire rubbing against his forearm.

Omega got the barbed wire broom and blasted Moxley in the head and swept his back, cutting him open further.

Omega brought out a platform full of mouse traps and ended up taking a suplex onto them.

Next, was a series of gold chains that Moxley dropped Omega onto. I was surprised there wasn’t a Mr. T chant.

Moxley introduced an ice pick, which Jim Ross was not exhilarated by. Omega choked him over the rope with the chain and Omega released it as Moxley was struggling.

Omega grabbed a bag of glass and used the shard to slice between Moxley’s fingers. Moxley took a spinebuster onto all the glass that was emptied out. Moxley applied a sharpshooter and Moxley had to climb through the broken glass and lift himself on the rope.

Omega hit a pair of V-Triggers and grabbed the debatable ice pick and now identified as an INSTRUMENT OF DESTRUCTION and carved Moxley’s forehead.

The Bucks and Hangman Page tried to talk Omega out of doing any more, he disagreed and the three brought out the BARBED WIRE SPIDERWEB.

This culminated in Moxley gaining the advantage and using a vertical suplex to send both onto the gigantic barbed wire contraption.

Omega and Moxley went through a plexiglass portion of the set when Omega hit a running V-Trigger.

Back in the ring, Moxley caught him with the Paradigm Shift and Omega kicked out.

Moxley removed the canvas of the ring to expose the wood and took a back-body drop. Each attempted their finishes and Omega used the Paradigm Shift for a two-count.

Omega missed a Phoenix Splash onto the wood and then an elevated Paradigm Shift was hit by Moxley for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley at 38:46

Well, this was insane.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like this crowd so far.

It’s a different vibe than the party like atmosphere of Dynamite - but they are still a loud and enthusiastic audience.

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I think maybe they aren’t mic’d great.

Spears doing a Sharp shooter 22 years to the day WITH Earl Hebner in the ring

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Nope, this late into the show, I’ve decided this crowd is horrible.

Maybe 30% of the crowd are decent. Hopefully they wake up for the last couple matches.

2 hours and 2 matches left. Hope this match goes nowhere near an hour

Cody & MJF tried to wake these idiots and they just won’t pick it up.

It’s like all the AEW diehards from the first couple PPVs arent here to boost the crowd. It’s like a WWE crowd for some reason.

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Why isn’t the ramp a smooth surface.

Wonder if MJF will accidentally cost Cody the match e.g. goes to hit Hagar but gets Cody instead

Led by the usual WWE regulars in the front row.

What a fucking brilliant finish to Cody/Jericho.

Now they can make MJF, the biggest heel going.

Hope that idiot who threw a drink on MJF got ejected

Wondered how long they could keep babyface MJF going. He’s a treasure

That fan was obviously a plant. That’s why he was right at the end of the ramp, so no one else would have time to throw shit.

You’re right, but it could mean that other fans think it’s fair game.

This lights out match is being wasted on this crowd.

Imagine it at the old ECW Arena

That missed Phoenix splash though…

Too violent for me

Violence for the sake of violence. I can suspend my disbelief at board full of
Barbed wire but you lose me with the mouse trap board of death.

That’s the best possible summary of that match. I think if I were in my 20’s, I would’ve dug it more…But in my 40’s, I thought it was a bit much. :100: