AEW Fyter Fest live discussion thread

This is incredible.

We are finally seeing what Ambrose vs Brock should have been.

Fuck you to hell Brock for denying us this with your lazy attitude. Thank you Ambrose for finally giving us this even if it’s years later and with a different opponent

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How’s Jim Ross and Excalibur’s commentary so far?

Better but that’s bc that goof Alex Marvez isn’t there. I hope he’s done.

What a match! Damn you Brock. I waited years to see this because of your lazy useless ass

I might have missed it was Moxley ever mentioned at the IWGP US champion in this show?

Didn’t hear that or G1 mentioned but I wasn’t listening that carefully. He doesn’t have title with him

Overall this was great. It started really badly but the MJF match, Cody and the Bucks/Omega matches were great to outstanding.

The finale was what Brock vs Ambrose should have been. It was stunningly violent and a great beat down after. Huge thumbs up overall after a horrible start to this preshow and show.

I will say the production value was better. I am glad Alex Marvez wasn’t there and I hope I never have to listen to him again. The actual production value was better too I felt.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s any world in which Brock is doing tacks and barbed wire in a match. Not sure I blame a guy of his stature for not wanting to do it either. All the props to Janela for going through that, though. That was a main event that should enhance him greatly and Moxley was game for it.

Is there a feedback thread?

Yup there is is

Weird not seeing it…

Are you a Patron? It’s exclusive to Patreon members.

Ah, am not. Gotcha.

Yes, usually feedback threads are exclusively for those subscribed to the Patreon.

Haven’t seen the show but have seen the chair shot. The comments in reaction to it on twitter are interesting. A lot of hypocrisy as usual from AEW fans. Also interesting that any random guy from WWE is automatically a big deal in AEW. I guess it’s at least wrestlers that were underused and can offer more when presented better rather than guys who are over the hill.

Anyway, calling out hypocrisy aside, what couple of matches on the show are worth the watch?

Sean spears is not a big deal. He’s just Cody’s friend. He hasn’t been and always will be a nothing

Huh? He hasn’t been a nothing, but always will be?

Anyway, this was not a great show. The opening tag was ok, the other preshow matches were poor. Daniels vs Cima was kind of dull, the women’s 3way was ok at best…three multi person/team matches was too much for one show. The four way was at least decent, but lacked drama, Page is about to fight for the title, he had to win. I didn’t like the Cody match, didn’t even know why it was happening, I guess just to introduce Darby Allin. 6man tag and the main were good, though. But I was disappointed in ehs event as a whole. Glad it was free, wasn’t worth fifty bucks. Maybe when they get tv, it will help give some story to the matches. Right now, I have no idea why any of the matches took place, though I guess the Nakazawa match was a rematch from last year.

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The Women’s triple threat match just made my Match of the Year list