AEW has covid-19 outbreak

I don’t normally read this site, but I’m pretty sure John has referenced them before. According to AEW is in the midst of a Covid outbreak.

I hope they’re wrong. To be fair because I know where this will go, let’s not jump to conclusions and blame AEW, they don’t control what the wrestlers do when they leave. For all we know AEW testing stopped this from getting worse.

*If this is a “newz” site, my apologies, please just erase.

It was a question of time. WWE are having their second outbreak now, Mexico is just in shambles and New Japan must hold on for a month to finish their G1.

Everyone mask up!!!

Sounds like they’re running a bit of a sloppy shop down there… sorry but it had to be said. Poking fun at outbreaks is great isn’t it? Or is that no longer the case because it’s not WWE?

People’s ridiculous tribalism aside, hopefully AEW have this under control.

It would be irrational to think that there would be NO cases, but hopefully it’s minimal and under control. Also might be time to nix the live crowd – small as it may be – for a bit.

Ya, I just read that as well. Appears someone from NXT through a party. Same thing I said about AEW, you can’t blame the promotion of the talent are doing dumb things.

That’s the first thing I thought about as well, now is just not the time to be bringing in an audiences with numbers being what they are.
It probably has nothing to do with it, but still.

Only thing AEW has done carelessly IMO was the handling of the Jericho incident.

You mean AEW isn’t as in on “The Super-Spreader Chris Jericho” gimmick like they are with the “All Demos Matter” one he’s currently on?

I thought Kevin Nash was the Super Shredder?


True. Can’t be letting PW Tees get sued for copyright infringement. Another smart move by Tony Khan.